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Hi I'm Abbey Gustafson

I'm fourteen years old. I attend High school. I love life and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a daughter of two wonderful parents. I love swimming. I'm on the swim team. I go to a regular high school with regular kids but I strife to make it a fun place to be. I come off shy, but I'm very outgoing when you get to know me. I have two BEST friends who i love and treat as family. I love my family, my home, and my religion.

Why I am a Mormon

Well i am a Mormon for many reasons. One is because i was born into the church so i grew up with it. Another reason is I know its true and I have so much comfort knowing that. For those few who look at my profile i want you to know that when you have the gospel in your life you have a better perspective on everything. And that's why i live it. When I walk through the halls at school I can relate to what an average teenager sees during school and i just I remember what the savior would do and accept people and not to judge everyone from their clothes. It really helps me not get into drama with my friends and it makes my life better knowing that i can relate to Christ because he suffered for our sins so its a comforter to me and i would be lost without the gospel. I KNOW that this church is true and i LOVE telling people I'm a Mormon. I'm never going to be ashamed or hide my religion. As a member of this church and a student at a high school I can relate to whoever sees this because I'm a normal teenager with normal teenager cravings or problems. But i want you to tell you that it is possible through the lord to be an example even though its hard to keep standards during this era of peer pressure, But i bear my testimony to you that i am a Mormon and that god truly knows us personally and he knows everything we do and say and he cares for each and everyone of us, No matter the age. He sees the temptations we have and he knows they are hard to overcome but god Never gives us a trial we cant over come. So these are the reasons why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being just a plain old good person. In order to be a Mormon it doesn't require some one who's perfect and it doesn't require experience and it definitely doesn't require people who have straight A's in school, because I definitely don't have straight A's. With the gospel it only requires faith in the lord. Faith is believing in something you cant see. I have faith in the lord and that helps me conquer the worldly things such as Texting or Facebook...yes us Mormon teenagers have Facebook. Not that these things are bad in any way its just that if we focus on those things more then the gospel we cant live it. When i walk around the school grounds i don't give snotty faces at people and i don't judge them..i simply smile and wave at people in the halls. Another thing I do is I attend Seminary. Seminary is a class for members or nonmembers that want to take it, and you go to a separate building that resembles a church and you learn about the gospel. For me seminary is an hour that helps me remember to live the gospel throughout my day, during this hour I am usually more comfortable with my surroundings because the people there make you feel at home. In seminary we have class presidents and I'm one of them. Being class presidents gives us the responsibility to bring the class together and to make it more enjoyable to be taught in. And i take this seriously for the reasons that there could be one kid in that class that has terrible self esteem and if i don't do anything about it or talk to him more and welcome him to our class everyday he might stay like that for a while. One last thing i do to live my faith is i attend a weekly activity called mutual. This activity brings together the young adults and just plays a game or learns how to cook something. And i go every Wednesday with a good attitude and leave all my school problems or worldly problems and just go have a good time with kids that can relate to me and our school.