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Hi I'm Dave.

I'm a Mormon. I joined the church as a college student, stayed in school and eventually became a college professor. Engineering.

About Me

I'm a middle aged American Christian guy who's been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about half his life. I'm very fortunate to be married, and to have five children, and, now, 8.5 grandchildren. All bring happiness to my life. I was in university 11 years, and then ran out of degrees, so I had to work at university in order to stay on. I worked for a few years at small, military college, before moving to a major football power, where I've taught Civil Engineering and done engineering research and publishing for 25 years. I like to bicycle, including mountain biking, fix bikes, fix cars (when we were students, this was a financial necessity!), drive go karts fast, take pictures and travel. As a family, we have driven over 100,000 miles together. I always enjoy making folks laugh. Laughter is always part of my academic teaching, including the ten instructional Civil Engineering videos I've made and sell. While writing is not my favorite activity, I've written a book, Soils Magic, which turned out to be the best seller for my professional society, who published the book. I guess that's the American dream. Although my dream, which I'm living, is to be the happy father and supportive husband.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in graduate school, I met some Mormons, who always seemed happier, and more purposeful than others. It was intriguing. When I went to Purdue, I looked them up and was taught some about the Savior Jesus Christ. The full-time missionaries I spoke with, while very young, had more answers to more questions than anyone I'd ever met. Being the engineering type, analytical and all that, this was satisfying to me. They encouraged me to pray, and study the scriptures, which I'd never done. The study resulted in more sincere prayers. One night, I got the answer to my prayer about which church was true. Once I had the answer, I had no recourse but to join. It's been a long, satisfying experience ever since. I've tried very hard to live the commandments, and 30 years later, continue to find they provide the peace and security that Savior promises all the faithful, including you. Since that night, I've had many answers to prayers, and other confirmations of the Holy Ghost that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the God's only church. You can find out, also. You just have to do the right things.

How I live my faith

I give more than 10% of all I earn (gross) to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's called tithing (10%). The Lord asks us to give that back to him. It pays tremendous dividends. Many times, my family has been the recipient of wonderful financial blessings, which the Holy Ghost has told me were the result of tithing. I put my money where my faith is. I work with poor people. I fix their appliances and cars, and clean their houses. I read scriptures to them, and buy them food. I give them rides to work and to the store. And, when I'm traveling, I send them picture postcards. I study the scriptures every day. I read and study the words of the modern prophets, and try to obey them. I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with any who will listen. Some do. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a large organization, staffed by volunteers of which I am one. There is no paid local clergy. I donate about 10 hours/week as a clerk in the regional organization. I have done this, and other work for the last 30 years, including teaching Sunday school, leading a local branch of the Church, ministering to the branches, leading priesthood groups, and doing countless community service projects (I can handle a chainsaw!). What makes me spend all this time (and money) on things that don't seem to directly benefit myself and my family? Simple. This is God's church. Its leaders are God's servants. When they ask me to do something, I do it. And it makes me happy. Thirty years. I know by now that this religion works.