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Hi I'm Paul

As a kid, I moved all over the US. I love writing and pitching songs and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have 3 kids. We had a difficult time having children so felt really lucky/blessed to have the 3 we have. Because it was difficult, we got a late start. I'm 55 and my youngest is an 8 year old. I gave my wife a T shirt that says, "no they're not my grandkids...but thanks for asking". We joke about it, but parenthood is the greatest/hardest/most delightful thing I have ever done. I also have a passion for writing songs and pitching them, typically through Nashville contacts. No big hits yet, but I'm still at it. I have a lot to say and singing it gives me a chance to vent what I care most about. I started an investment firm several years ago. It's doing really well and hopefully will continue to do well. I've been an institutional bond salesperson for 22 years so I felt ready to do it in my own outfit. Lastly, I have a great wife. I am one of the lucky ones. We've been married 21 years and odds are good we'll go the distance. That's saying something for me as my immediate family has been blown to bits by serial divorces. I give thanks everyday for the blessing of a strong marriage.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Latter Day Saint because it simply works. I don't and never have drank which is rare in the investment business. None of my employees will drink at any company event or with customers. Does anyone really regret sobriety? Yet how much damage and even lost business is attributed to alcohol. It's not for me and I thank God that I developed that habit through my membership in this church. We are commanded to be true to our spouse and if we are not there are significant penalties (excommunication etc.). This protects my wife and family when I'm on the road etc. I'm not infallible. And because I'm only human, I appreciate real boundaries that keep me thinking clearly regarding what I have to lose by tinkering with temptation. This church provides protection for my children. Peer pressure is bad right? Except when it comes from other kids that are living by high standards. If my daughter chose to attend a party where alcohol was present or to date a boy with a bad reputation, her friends would swoop in and apply what I call "positive peer pressure", pressuring her to make better choices. Due to regular church attendance, she also has developed discipline and good habits that protect here when I can't be there. Lastly she is a member of the "Young Women's" organization in the church staffed with non paid (no one is paid) volunteers who help my daughter set and achieve goals that challenge and uplift her. You should see some of the emails she recieves from these wonderful women. "I sure love you, Susie. See you on Sunday". Such support. More than anything, I want my children safe. The church really helps me in that effort.

How I live my faith

I love to serve in the church. That's really saying something given that serving/loving others doesn't come natural. But I have been a home teacher for 30+ years. That means that I am assigned a companion and a "route" of about 5 families that I am responsible to visit monthly and deliver a well organized spiritual message (usually scriptually based). We as home teachers are responsible for the well being of those to whom we home teach. Pretty much every family has 2 home teachers assigned to them. My family has home teachers that come by monthly. Sometimes they bring little treats which of course makes them very poplular with the kids. I'll tell you the truth. When I learned that a particular person in my congregation was going to be my family's home teacher, I didn't think it was a good match. We didn't seem to have anything in common. But service is a funny, powerful thing. This good man has visited our family regularly and my uncertainty has turned into brotherly love. How do you not love someone who demonstrates consistent care and concern for your family? The Church has done that for me. It's taught me to love other people more.