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Hi I'm Richard

I'm a daddy. I love Lego. I'm a world traveler and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to seek out exotic locations and travel beyond the obvious. My passion is discovering mankind's architectural heritage and I delight in the the beauty of great buildings. My travels have taken me to more than 130 countries around the globe. That's probably why I chose a career at an airline. If I can't always travel myself, I can assist other people every day get to their own special locations. And when I have time, I like to create my own beautiful buildings. Of course they're on a pretty small scale because they're made out of Lego. Yep! I'm 53 years old and I'm still building castles and palaces... It's fun to see the real thing and then re-create it on the living room floor.

Why I am a Mormon

Early in my travels I learned that most cultures have features worth emulating. I delight in attempting to assimilate some of these qualities to my own character. While I recognize great elements of truth in many religions, the knowledge that Heavenly Father knows me and has a plan for my life is very precious to me. To sense that each tribulation and triumph I experience is His way of teaching me to improve, allows me to find purpose in my daily living. I am certain that a loving God has given me the means to walk a divinely appointed path, to make the best use of this precious time on earth. He has given me the vision of a perfect Example (my Savior; Jesus Christ), the path to follow (the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon) as well as a living prophet to show the way back home to Him again. My choices have proven again and again the truthfulness of that discipleship. I know for myself of the happiness which comes from obedience to the commandments which keep me on the path that my Creator knows is best for me. I recognize a worthwhile life is a life of service and I find great joy in helping others. I live with the confidence and the peace of mind that comes from a heart that yearns to be righteous. While I recognize my shortcomings, I know my Savior's love and grace allow me to succeed and (hopefully...) grow a little more like Him every day. Nearly everything around me, both good and evil, testifies of these truths to my soul. I know deep down that they are correct. These teachings are what most people are seeking. They are true principles. They are deep and they are profound. They are the wisdom of the ages. They are here for us if we will apply them in our lives and recognize their Source as divine. With an honest, humble heart and real discipline, the sincere seeker can know as I - and millions like me - know, that God has restored his Kingdom on the earth and that Jesus Christ provides the way to receive that knowledge and salvation.

How I live my faith

Second only to being a father, my most cherished blessing was the opportunity I had to serve as the bishop of our local congregation for six years. Teaching people about their divine nature, and that they have a loving Father in Heaven that loves them was a great privilege for me. Helping them find their footing on the strait and narrow path after stumbling around in darkness brought me great joy. Being the temporary intermediary in helping them reconnect to their Creator was a marvelous experience. My current assignment has me teaching new bishops how to manage and cope with the many demands on their precious time. Consistently, I see these great men serve beyond their normal capacity as they seek to bless the lives they have stewardship for. I have special stewardship over several widows in our congregation who live alone and who are elderly. We have formed strong bonds of affection over many years of friendship and service to each other. The Lord's people care for one another and love each other.