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Hi I'm Darren.

I like being a dad. I love music, outdoor activities and reading non-fiction. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love activities that bridge the gap between spiritual and logical. I like biographies, family history, and archeology. I'll read pretty much anything that is non-fiction. I also love activities such as helping with boy scouts, camping with my family, and music. I'm not perfect, but happy with who I am.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church, and was generally a serious kid. When I was a younger teenager (~13-15), I started wanting to know for myself whether the doctrines of the church were true. I started noticing everything around me, observing the way adults behaved, reading books about other groups of people in the world, and generally being curious about life. When I was 15, while camping with a church group, I ventured up a rock field to touch some snow. My church leader suddenly had an impression that I needed to come down now and yelled from a long distance for me to come down. I did so reluctantly, and shortly after I returned to the group, a massive rockslide swept the snow away down into a lake. Later that night I was still thinking about it and found a quiet place to pray. It was mostly a prayer of thanks, but turned out to be quite a long prayer. As I looked up into the starry sky and though about eternity and how close I came to dying, I was enveloped by a strong feeling of love and happiness. Throughout my teenage years, I had many of my sweetest spiritual experiences while camping. I've always felt I could feel more when I was away from the clutter and stress of normal life. I can't say there was one specific experience when I was "converted" to the church, but there were many experiences that strengthened my belief. In my early teens, I started reading the scriptures more seriously and by the time I was 18, I had read the Book of Mormon several times. By this point I had had many confirmations that the church was true but had never prayed specifically about the Book of Mormon. I already believed it was true, but decided to pray anyway. After asking if my belief was right and if it was true, I had a thought enter my mind that said "you already know it's true." Since then, I have studied religious history seriously and am more sure than ever both logically and from spiritual confirmations that it is true. I know Joseph Smith could never have made it up.

How I live my faith

The most important thing I do to live my faith is to be a good dad and husband. I try to live the gospel and to be good to others in my professional and personal life. At church, I work with the youth and enjoy seeing them grow in confidence and life skills. Each month, my family and I fast for a day and donate the money we would have spent on food to the church's program to help people in need. I know I am not perfect, so I try to follow the Savior's example as best as I can.