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Hi I'm Jeff

I am an Engineer (Scientist), Pilot, Scuba Diver, Handyman, Athlete, Volunteer…Christian, a Mormon.

About Me

I am an Engineer (Scientist), Pilot, Scuba Diver, Handyman, Athlete, Volunteer…a Christian, a Mormon. There hasn't been much I haven't tried. Jack of all trades, master at none I guess, but I can hold my own at everything from laying bricks to playing the piano. And sometimes it's good to find a quiet place to read; I recommend Jimmy Stewart's Air Force Biography, and I just received Seven Miracles That Saved America.

Why I am a Mormon

I am very familiar with cause and effect, the consequences of certain actions or inputs. Many are skeptical when they learn a person of science can also be a person of faith. For me the same scientific method used to discover knowledge and wisdom in the natural world may be used in faith. Empirical data is empirical data. There is only one main difference. In secular science the results may be demonstrated or reproducible to many at once. The knowledge gained by observation of spiritual experiments is most often demonstrated to one individual/spirit at a time. We may “publish” the results of our own research through witnessing or testimony as a guide to others, but each must gain their own knowledge. Faith is confirmation when pure intelligence flows to our minds and spirits. Actual physical proof in the form of miracles may occur and have occurred in my life, but those do not convert because there will always be that little doubt our eyes have been deceived. However, after the trial of our faith we do receive great gifts confirming and enlarging our knowledge. In some areas I no longer believe or have faith, I know. I know there is a God, our Heavenly Father. I know there are gifts of the Spirit such as healing and language. I know there have been prophets, and there is one right now. I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that organization built to administer the laws and ordinances of the Savior Jesus Christ under His direction; the Gospel fully restored as promised after many long years of apostasy and obfuscation, “…called forth out of the wilderness”. I have proved to myself the veracity of: The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine & Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price as scripture. I recommend these, and Jesus The Christ by Talmage, as the starting points for your research, along with humble prayer and desire. If one desires to know the truth of a law, then they should read it and live it. I have, and now I know.

How I live my faith

Whether one believes in God or not, I think the purpose of life is to leave the earth and other people’s lives better for having been here. We always cross paths with people who need our help: a kind word, a solution, physical needs (food & rent), etc. If I’m able to help, then I help, because we are literally a family. I volunteer as much as I can with the Scouting program, and as an Aircrew member for Air Search & Rescue, along with Emergency Services. I also do my best to beautify and help the community and neighborhood. There’s no shortage of work out there, that’s for sure. Despite all the distractions, frustrations, and noise of modern day living, I strive to live the way Jesus wants me to. Of course I’m still working on things; I still have weeds to pull. My friend’s Methodist Pastor said it best, “It’s taken me a lot longer to become the kind of man I want to be, than I thought it would.” I’m grateful for Heavenly Father’s infinite patience, and the gift of His Son. Without the knowledge and faith I have received, I think it would take even longer. I used to race, and I have to admit having the coach or the crowd shout encouragement always helped me find a little more inside. I derive the same kind of encouragement through my faith. I think when you discover your divine origins and purpose for being, it is easier to work and grow, and overcome.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Heavenly Father instructed us through a real prophet to be prepared, He knows what's coming. I've volunteered for State Emergency Services since 2004. One thing I know for sure from experience is that a 72 hour kit is not enough. Even a simple thing like a windstorm can cut some communities off for up to three weeks. Having a huge government warehouse does not work, because the main problem has been distribution. Neighbors helping neighbors with caches of supplies in every home is best. Isn't that what America is about, independent self-reliance, standing on our own two feet so we can lift up the person next to us. I've also seen out of work families able to depend on their storage, and use the little cash they had to keep their homes. There are many reasons to live providently and prepared. Heavenly Father always warns and prepares us for everything that comes. Show more Show less