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Hi I'm McKenzi

I am a student at Mesa Community College as well as an aunt to 8 nieces and nephews. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona practically my whole life. I am the last child of six children. Being 19 years old now, I have graduated from High School, and I am going through my second year of college at Mesa Community College. At this point in my education, though, I am in the process of deciding where I want to go to college for the next semester, and possibly the next school year. It is a long process, but I am enjoying this experience. I am going into singing, and hope to someday sing for everyone in the world. For the moment, I hold two part time jobs-- one in retail and the other with caring for the handicapped and disabled. I enjoy both fields of work. One of my pride and joys is being able to watch my six nephews and two nieces grow up. It seems like I blink, and they're getting bigger and bigger, and older and older. I love them with all of my heart-- and that is not just talk. I am serious-- they are what bring me so much frustration, but so much joy. Some of my hobbies are drawing manga, singing, dancing, playing my flute, writing and fooling around on my computer, as well as hanging out with my friends whenever I get the chance.

Why I am a Mormon

To be perfectly honest, I grew up in this faith. My parents had made me go to church-- even when I threw a fuss and said I wouldn't go. But, even though I went through the process of getting baptized, reading my scriptures, going to church-- doing everything I was supposed to do-- I still didn't know I had a testimony of the church. It was actually a very shocking occasion when I found out I did have a testimony. It was when I was around 13 years old. I was hanging out on my computer-- like I usually did-- writing, talking to my friends via instant messaging, when I got a phone call from one of my friends. She was non-Mormon, and it seemed that during that time in our friendship that she was drifting farther and farther away from being my friend. However, during this conversation, she had decided to talk to me. Not one of my other friends, but me. So, we got on to talking-- we talked about movies, then about how she was doing moving into her new house. I do not remember how, but we came to the topic of the sacrament. And she was saying how it didn't have anything to do with God or anything that anyone inside of Christian/Catholic beliefs believed in. I got kind of frustrated about that, and protested against what she said almost instantly. I do not remember my exact wording, but I remember telling her that I believed that the sacrament was real, and that it was of God. She was so shocked at my words-- as was I. At that moment, I knew that Mormonism was true. I knew it-- God knew it, and I could not deny it. Later on, I watched "The Prince of Egypt" and I got the same impression I had before-- that the church was true. I went through Seminary, and I experienced the same spirit telling me personally the exact same thing-- that this church is true. I now ask you something: How can I, then, deny what I know when I know it, and I know that God knows it? The answer is simple: you just don't.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? Well, I live my faith by being a normal, everyday citizen of America. I go to school, I work hard, and I go shopping with my family once in a while. Here is something to consider: everyone thinks that people who practice Mormonism are restricted. Let me get you in on a secret: we do not think we are restricted. Sure, we do not have the choice of drinking, smoking, taking illegal drugs, etc. However, because the leader of our faith has given us these guidelines, doesn't mean we aren't free. In fact, we are free from the bondage of being addicted to alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. Drugs of every kind take over your life. And that is why we do not take them. We believe in free agency-- the ability for each of us to choose between right and wrong. We also believe that God has given this ability to everyone who has ever lived on the earth. I believe in free agency because I have seen it in action-- in both my life as well as in the life of some of my family members. Because of what I have seen in my life as well as my siblings life, I know which way I need to go. And, because I know where I need to go, I have been blessed with countless blessings. When I was in Young Womens, I got the chance to participate in Mutual-- various activities for the youth that happen on Wednesdays. Also, since I was in Young Womens, I got the chance to be called in either the Beehive (12, 13 year olds), Mia Maids (14, 15 year olds), or Laurel (16, 17 year olds) classes. When I became a Beehive, I served as their secretary. When I got into Mia Maids, I was able to be both a secretary at one point to becoming the class president. Then, when I was in the Laurels, I was their secretary once again. I loved being a leader in my classes. When I had graduated from Young Womens, I was called to be a Nursery Worker-- working with the toddlers of the ward. It was a fun calling. Now that I am in the Singles Branch, I am now a Branch Missionary. So far, this calling is a lot of fun.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Of course I do. He is there to help us through this life by giving us direct revelation from Heavenly Father-- or God-- about what we need to be doing. We are not nut cases here-- if we were, I would have left the gospel years ago. But we aren't. There is a prophet here on the earth today-- his name is Thomas S. Monson. He is a direct link to God, and he does get revelations to help better us so that we can fulfill what we came here to prove-- that we can make it back to God again, and live with him forever in heaven. Show more Show less