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Hi I'm Dannah king

I come from a part member family, I'm a musician, a high school student, an artist, an avid reader, a nerd, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Dannah. I'm a regular high school student. I come from a family where my parents are divorced. I have bolth a stepmom and a stepdad. I love to sing and read and draw. I'm a nerd I love Star Wars and some people are shocked to find out how nerdy I am, sometimes evenmore when I say I'm Mormon. I love to participate in our families traditions. I have chinese herritage and so I love to learn about diffrent cultures. When I'm older I want to get a degree in cultural studies and persue a career in something like anthropology or archeology.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a mormon because I choose to be. My mother is not a member of the church and when I was little, I was given a choice of what faith I wanted to be. I went back and forth on sunday, from my mom's church to the LDS church with my father, and when I was twelve I made my decision. There was never really a choice, I just didn't realize that I had already chosen. I made lots of mistakes in my life and I wasn't happy with what I was doing myself, or the way I treated others. The church helped me change and I'm now happier then I've ever been. People who used to know me still have thoes memories of the me then, but through the values the church had instilled in me I was able to right my wrongs and change their veiws of me, for the better.

How I live my faith

I don't think that to live your faith you have to do something extravigant. you can live your faith by example. I live my faith by following the standards of the church. Everyone knows that Dannah dosn't swear because she's mormon. Whenever my friends start talking about topics I feel uncomfortable about I ask them if we can change the subject. I try to be kind to all peoples, from all backgrounds. I try to step out of the norm and help others, stand up for what I believe, and be kind. People notice when your different, I don't stand in the hall ways and yell I'M MORMON! You don't have to, people just know.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Dannah king
Mormons are normal people. We go through daily life just like everyone eles. The difference is we try to center our lives around families, the scriptures and good moral conduct. We want to be happy so we do the things that will give us eternal blessings. My seminary teacher told my class, that when faced with a choice we can look back in despair, find a worldly fix or look forward in faith. Society tends to choose the first two options, but as mormons we look foward in faith. It affects our attitudes, desires, and actions, making our lives happy and fufilling. We look forward in faith by attending church meetings, spreading the gospel, keeping our standards, and through prayer and scripture study. Show more Show less