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Hi I'm Paul Gill, Sr.

A lifetime musician, born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I Retired from the US Army as a Bandsman. I play Jazz and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Since Jr. Hi. school, I've been exposed to all kinds of music and the arts. As a student, I was fortunate to be part of a Public School system that supported music and the arts for those students involved in it. I was exposed to Jazz by one of my older brothers when I was about 13 years old. I've been seeking it (via study, performing, etc.) ever since then. Because of my background in Jazz, I've been able to compose some pretty potent compositions that always seem to reach out and grab the listener. Let me make it clear. My passionate love of music is deep within me and it goes hand in hand with my love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like a hand and glove, they both compliment each other. Another great passion in life I have is that of people. I LOVE PEOPLE!!! Even though I'm approaching 65 years of age, I still have enough energy and desire to make a difference in this world. My wife and I have been members of this Church longer than we've been married. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this year. We are Eternal mates. Our bond is based on a mutual love, respect, and admiration each other. Blessed with 9 boys and 2 girls, we will be parenting for the rest of our time on this planet. God is good!

Why I am a Mormon

From an early age as a young adult, I always had a yearning to know who I was as an individual, and what would be life's purpose for me. Where did I come from? Where was I going? These were the aggravating questions confronting me in those early years. I sought answers to these puzzling questions from my friends and religions other than my own. Having received no satisfactory answers, I turned to a variety of illegal drugs to what I felt at the time would give me knowledge, enlightenment, and answers to the before mentioned questions. I was also under the illusion that drugs would make me a better jazz musician. HOW WRONG I WAS!! While stationed at Ft. Ord, CA in the 52nd Army Band, I met a Mormon from Santa Ana, CA who was assigned to the same Army Band. He was relentless in his efforts to get me to hear his message about the LDS Church. As it turned out, he had all the answers to each of the questions I sought. But, what really clinched it for me was his answer to the question: "Where did I come from?" His answer seemed undeniably clear---"We lived as spirits with our Heavenly Father before coming to this earth?" It's clear to me that that is so. The many challenges, both good and bad, that I have endured over the past 43 years since becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has been a worthwhile experience for me. Those experiences have brought me here, right where I need to be at this very moment in time. I can't help who I am. I can't help what I've become. I just know that who I am today is the person I've been looking for for all of my life, and I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for helping me find myself. Sometimes, when you place a value on something, you will do all that you can to protect it. Thus it is with the person I've become and the testimony I've gained since joining this church. I will always strive to protect, preserve, and improve on the person that I have become and pray that my testimony continues to grow.

How I live my faith

As the High Priest Group Leader in my Ward, I am responsible for a myriad of duties that positively effect the lives of our members. I always give hope and encouragement to those members who need it most. I always draw inner strength from the Gospel messages taught each Sunday. Those messages, along with the people (members and non-members alike) I interact with in our meeting house each week is what gives me spiritual strength and encouragement throughout the week. I'm proud to have been part of the newly released documentary "THE UNTOLD STORY OF BLACK MORMONS". Filmed in Salt Lake City, UT, the documentary has been telecast nationally this year. Several years ago in one of our meeting houses, under the direction of our local leaders, I chaired a group that organized a Celebration of Black History during the month of February . It was awesome! Truly a one of a kind event that previously had never occurred in our area among members of the Church. If that event is ever held again, and I'm allowed, I would like to be a part of it. I am confident that if any individual would take a moment, get out of his or her head, and tune into their heart and feel and listen to what the Spirit speaks to them about this Church, they will have joy and happiness unlike any they've ever experienced before. May God Bless any person that reads my profile.