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Hi I'm Barbara

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When my husband and I married in 2007 I was mother of five and became step-mom of four more and my grandchildren leaped from two to nine. Joining two good sized families has given me lots of scrap booking to do, with the grand-kids album being my favorite to work on. We moved into retirement over the past two years and wonder where all our time goes. Since 2009 my husband and I have shared join responsibilities in the church by teaching marriage classes, and provident living classes. Though sometimes challenging, it is always a joy to serve others and as is usually the case, we have undoubtedly learned more than we have taught. One of our favorite things to do is take 'road trips'. These occur when we get so busy that we simply need a day off. Then we take a 'day trip', usually to somewhere close to the places my native Texan husband is familiar with. But we have begun branching out somewhat. Longer trips result when my husband is called out of retirement and we have the opportunity to go further away. Those have taken us to other parts of Texas and New Mexico. We are soon heading to Utah with the possibility of finding ourselves in Colorado and Arizona, with some more Texas thrown in.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized into the church when I was eight. My mother never joined the church and my father was not active in the church, but was a member. Before I turned eight my sister, brother and myself attended church in Liberty Missouri. My brother and I were baptized the same night in Independence, Missouri. Our activity in the church was sporadic through our teenage years, but I was certainly happiest with myself and with my life when I was in the church as a full participant of the programs and practices. I have been fortunate to never have doubted the existence of a loving Heavenly Father. I believe having a loving earthly father was extremely valuable to me being able to understand how great the love Heavenly Father has for His children, including me! I have read the Book of Mormon many times and have also never doubted it is true. Each reading brings new insight. I am far from perfect, but the plan is to keep trying to be. There is a picture I have in my head that guides my life, not of where or who I've been, not of where or who I am, but of where and who I can become. I know there is only one way I can get to that place, and that is by following the precepts I have come to understand as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The picture is big and includes family members, past, present and future.

How I live my faith

Some things members do in the church are easily quantified. It is easy to mentally make some of the list of things I do. Those include accepting assignments when called upon, paying tithes and offerings, attending meetings, etc. Doing those things are right and necessary and good. And easy because they can be checked off. What becomes harder and I continue to work on are things like going the extra mile or being a better neighbor or being more understanding with those who are hard to work with. Loving at times when others are not being very lovable. Forgiving those who offend or harm others. Trying to see others through God's eyes and not mine. These are challenges I am mindful of. I am learning to pray specifically for help in areas that I need to improve in, knowing and understanding that my improving who I am is not something I can do by myself. I love participating in temple work, which includes doing genealogy and seeking out the names of ancestors who have long since passed on. I have served in the various programs of the church. The first time was when I was asked to teach a class of children when I was 15. I have served and taught the children on different occasions and in different ways. I have served in the youth organization and in the woman's organization of the church. I have served in Family History Centers helping members and non-members research their genealogy. Currently I serve jointly with my husband as Welfare Specialists with an emphasis on provident living. In the church we are asked to serve different ways at different times. Knowing Heavenly Father is mindful of me and will allow me to grow in different areas at different time by inspiring leaders to ask me to serve, it is not hard to accept new assignments.. My greatest growth has come by doing what seemed hard or impossible. At those times I call upon Heavenly Father to make me equal of the task. He never lets me down.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Mormon's believe in being the best they can be and in helping others. Being self-reliant is one way to do as much as we can to take care of ourselves, our families, and others. The more able to care for ourselves we become, the less we need to depend on other entities, such as financial agencies, government agencies or even our church to subsidize us. That is a form of freedom. That is a worthy goal for all to aspire to. Emergency Preparedness is having things together in case of an emergency. A grab and go bag. Everyone could profit by having one or as many as your family might need of these. These should be reviewed and reorganized from time as needs of families change. It has been suggested these contain food and drink for 72 Hours. That is a good place to start. Given time to think and plan could greatly improve what each family deems needful and necessary should your family need to leave your home for an extended period of time. There should also be a plan for having to leave your home permanently. That might include thumb sticks with information currently kept on your computer. Show more Show less