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Hi I'm Darren

I spend my days playing with computers. My free time with my family, cylcing, skiing, kayaking, or camping. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

In a lot of ways I am the classic Audio/Visual geek- and have been ever since I started kindergarten. Computers and technology have always fascinated me and I enjoy learning how and why they work. Everyone loves to point out that my favorite toy when I was growing up was an old rotary dial telephone- I took it apart and put it back together for years. That has led to a great job developing computer software which has kept me entertained and excited since well before I graduated from college. When I am not tinkering with the latest technology, I am busy spending time with my wife and three kids. Whether it's just relaxing and laughing at some TV show or spending time encouraging each of them in their individual accomplishments it's always a blast. I love to see them succeed. Most of my fondest memories come from these times together- I am grateful that we get to spend not just this life but eternity together. I also love the outdoors and choose to spend whatever time I can enjoying what nature has to offer. I keep myself healthy by riding my bike to work 4 or 5 times a week. In the winter I hit the ski slopes every weekend with the kids. And I break out the camping gear and kayak whenever time permits and the other stresses of life are under control.

Why I am a Mormon

I struggled for years to figure out why I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Having grown up in the church I knew I wanted to be here because of my own convictions not just because it was expected of me. In the end I realized there were three things at the root of my faith- Like most young Mormon men I chose to serve as a missionary but I really was not sure that I was doing the right thing in going. One night before leaving I spent a lot of time on my knees in prayer to understand who I was and what I really believed. That night I realized that I had known all along that Jesus Christ was my Savior and had done an amazing thing for me. He had made it possible for me to be forgiven of my mistakes. I had always known that I had a loving Heavenly Father who was watching out for me and wanted me to return to live with Him. And I wanted to share this with others. But long before I chose to serve a mission I traveled to Nauvoo, Illinois with my family. While there we visited the Carthage, Illinois jail where Joseph Smith was killed by a mob. I was probably only eight or nine years old at the time but I can still remember the feeling I had in that small jail. Joseph Smith was a modern prophet of God just like Moses or Isaiah of old. Finally there is what we believe as Mormons which keeps me coming back. Of all of the concepts, the most important is the knowledge that God is not some all-powerful being making apparently random decisions affecting the lives of everyone on earth. He is my Heavenly Father. Just like any father here on earth, He wants me to learn on my own how to succeed in life. He lets us make our own decisions- and pay the consequences. Of course we are not alone. He has provided all kinds of guides along the way through ancient and modern prophets. I love the words left by prophets of old in the Bible and Book of Mormon. And through prophets in our day I continue to receive the guidance I need to succeed.

How I live my faith

Because my faith is so important to me it impacts just about everything I do. And I think that leads to a common myth about how we Mormons live our faith. I could easily explain many of the things I do using statements which start or end in "because I am a Mormon." To the casual observer this can come across as being afraid of making a decision on my own. But I live my faith through experimentation. In the New Testament Jesus taught that we could know whether his doctrine was of God or man by trying it (John 7:16-17). A great Book of Mormon prophet also taught that it was important to experiment upon the word. He spoke of comparing the word to a seed and planting it to see what happens- if the seed is good you will know it by how it makes you feel (Alma 32:28-33). In other words living my faith is not just mindlessly following what I am told- it is choosing to do things because I have learned for myself that they are right. Through this process of experimentation I have made many decisions about how I live my faith. The most important is to live how Jesus Christ would live. I strive to be kind to others, to serve and care for them whenever needed. In general I strive to earnestly follow all that He has taught. Of course I don't always get it right- bad days do happen. It's at that point that I really live my faith. As a father I get a chance to see the consequences when children make mistakes. I try to seize on these "teaching moments" to encourage my children to become better people. Often if they will pay some of the consequences and promise to not repeat the behavior, I will do what I can to make the situation better. My Heavenly Father is no different. I believe that He sent Christ to make it possible for us to be forgiven of our mistakes. If I earnestly seek to repair the problems and not do it again I can be forgiven. This is an important part of how I live my faith. Life is a journey that requires many course corrections along the way.