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Hi I'm Erik

I live in a small town in Northern Indiana, I am a husband and father, I design medical implants and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up wanting to be a doctor but there came a point in time when I realized that wasn't what I wanted to do. I took a role marketing medical implants and found a position where I get to work with creative engineers and world class doctors to design new implants to help people with broken bones get better. I receive great satisfaction from making things that are really cool and that also help people who have suffered injuries. I am happily married to the most wonderful woman in the world. We met in college and quickly (some would say too quickly) fell in love and got married. We have four beautiful children that we adore. They bring us so much joy and we love to spend time together as a couple and as a family. Living in a small town is very different from the big cities where I grew up and lived for the rest of my life...but not in a bad way. The people are friendly and you feel a fantastic sense of community. The people around you become like your extended family which is especially wonderful when you live far away from your real family. We have faced some significant challenges and have felt the strong support of our community. Our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and had to undergo a long and arduous series of chemotherapy. Throughout this experience we were inspired and strengthened by our friends, neighbors and many others that we didn't know but who lived here in our community and supported us throughout.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are Mormons so you could say that I was brought up in the faith but I have had to develop my own faith in God and Jesus Christ and the other principles of the gospel that I firmly believe in. Being a Mormon is not always easy. There are those who make fun of you for what you believe or for what you do or don't do. I remember feeling at times that I was missing out on things because of my faith. There were definitely times when I didn't want to go on and I had to develop a relationship with Christ to understand what he wanted for me. I feel very fortunate to have experienced many times in my life when I have felt the Lord guiding and strengthening me, reassuring me that he is pleased with my decisions and feeling his love and support as I have faced challenges. I have received answers to my prayers when I have asked questions both big and small and have seen miracles in my life and in the life of my family. I have also received great blessings from being a Mormon. On several occasions I have had people of influence give me opportunities that I probably wouldn't have had otherwise because I was a Mormon and they had been positively influenced by another member of my faith. I have had people tell me how much they respect the decisions I have made to do or not do certain things. Mormons believe in loving and serving one another. As a member of the church I feel that I have received that love and service far more than I have given it. I am so grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ for his love and grace to free me from my transgressions and offer me an eternal future with him and my family. I can't imagine being without my family as they are the true center of my life. The Lord's sacrifice was so immense and incredible that what he asks me to do seems so so insignificant. His love is beyond my comprehension but I am trying to love others as I know that he loves me and everyone else. I am generally a happy person and I attribute my happiness to faith and family.

How I live my faith

I am involved in my community primarily through my kids and their involvement in sports, boy scouts and other events. I am involved in running the local unit of the church in the city where I live which has been a fantastic experience. Leading the unit has provided me the opportunity to council with many individuals and see their lives improve as they embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ and live its teachings. His power and influence are so tremendous and he is just waiting for us to open our hearts to let him in. As a church we spend a fair amount of time taking care of our own. At the same time, we try to get involved with helping other groups in the community and even other churches in fulfilling their mission. We have started making donations to local food pantries run by non-profits and/or churches. We also have regular events at our church where we teach different skills or crafts and we consistently seek to invite people who aren't of our faith to come and learn with us. I really enjoy seeing people of all faiths come together to do good work and to develop themselves. I love the fact that our church doesn't cater to any socioeconomic class, race or creed. Our congregation may look homogenous but it is actually quite diverse and everyone adds so much to the church itself. I learn as I observe others seeking to follow the savior and do what he has asked them to do. My job requires me to travel frequently. Whenever I can, I try to attend church services. I have had some fantastic experiences attending church in Europe and Asia. Even though I may not understand the words that are spoken I can always feel the spirit of the Lord and the members of the church, wherever I go welcome me with open arms. Living my faith helps make me happy. I have found that as I follow Jesus Christ and seek to act in a way that I believe would be pleasing unto him helps me be happy at home, at work or wherever I am. I still make lots of mistakes but I keep trying to get better.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

I am trying to come to know my father in heaven. I believe that it is a continuous process much like developing any relationship. I find that studying scripture helps me understand him better, how he thinks, what is important to him and I also see his great love as I read the scriptures. As I commune with him in prayer, I feel that I grow to know him. I have felt his answers on many occasions. It takes effort for me to pray that way though. I can't rush it or be casual about it. I have to find a quiet place and settle my mind so it isn't wandering during the prayer. I have to be sincere about what I am telling him or asking him. As I do this though I feel my relationship with him grow, even if he doesn't answer in a way that I understand or that is in accordance with what I want. I also feel that I grow to know him as I obey his commandments. If he has made the effort to tell us to do/not do something, it must be important. I have felt him draw near to me as I obey him. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Without a doubt we have a prophet today. They are men like Moses and Noah and Abraham who were chosen by God to lead his church and tell the people what God wanted them to know. These men are amazing. They are truly called of God and I feel fortunate to have the chance to hear what they have to say. Most of the time they encourage us and help us prepare for the future. Sometimes they do call us to repentance, but whatever they are say I try to listen and make changes. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I believe that the Bible is the word of God. We study it in our meetings, we quote from it in our sermons, we follow its teachings. It is scripture and contains the word of God as well as the ministry of Jesus Christ in Israel, as well as his eventual crucifixion and resurrection. I am so grateful for the Bible. It contains so many passages of truth that teach me, inspire me and help me know God and Jesus Christ. I am always strengthened by the writings of the prophets and Christ's apostles. They were men of God and their teachings help guide my life. Show more Show less