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Hi I'm Bob Stuart

I grew up in Redlands California to the parents of opera singers. I was an avid boyscout and loved camping and hiking.

About Me

I grew up in the church and had lots of friends in the church. I remember scouting trips we went on every summer. I really enjoyed those experiences. I had some trouble through my teens and young adulthood with morality. I repented and went on a mission to Tampa Florida from 1979 to 1981. I liked my mission but Im not sure of my influence. I returned home to find many of the same issues and temptations right where I had left them. I did not take long to fall into old habits. Once I did so I felt ashamed and embarrassed that I could not maintain a good moral standing so I gave up and was subsequently excommunicated from the church. I spent the next 20 years outside of the church. I worked in bars and night clubs and experienced all that they had to offer, and that means all, no further explanation needed. I did marry during that time and eventually had a daughter who is now 17. I started to have dreams about how I felt growing up in church. I would wake up with the saddest of feelings, loneliness, emptiness. I felt so depressed and sad. One day I decided to go to church again. I had not been inside an LDS church building in 20 years. I arrived at church with my daughter in tow. For the first time in so long I felt the gentle, comfortable feeling that I was home. I started to read the Book of Mormon again and was amazed at the things I had forgotten. I have not missed but a few days in 10 years. What a feeling I have now due to the Gosple of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I spent so many years away from the church. I did attend other denominations with friends but never felt like they had the answers I was looking for. I just stopped going for so long that it began to seem normal that Sundays were just part of the weekend. When I returned to church that very first Sunday and started reading the Book of Mormon, I felt again the stirring of the Spirit and I knew what was missing. I read everything including the footnotes so I could compare the Book of Mormon to the Bible. I did this so I would know what the Bible said compared to the Book of Mormon. I gained a testimony of the restored Gospel like I never before had. I still suffered from inferior thoughts because of my many sins and a feeling of unworthiness. This stemmed from my youth. I had always believed I had to be perfect before I could try to ask God for forgiveness. I believed that my efforts in keeping the commandments were what saved me and made me worthy to approach God and then being able to ask for his help. I am not sure what made me think this way but it was so wrong and kept me from being saved by his grace and not my works. I finally understood after reading “Believing Christ” how the Atonement worked. I then realized in a very small but significant way to apply the Atonement. This happens every day as I kneel in prayer and seek forgiveness daily and now try to live the very best I can to show God that I am sincere and need his help and grace to accomplish all He would have me be and do. I have had some of the sweetest moments given to me by the Spirit in confirming testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. I have been left speechless and in tears at times because of this quite confirmation. I am in awe that this happened to me. This is true and It did happen and I believe this to be available to all if they would ask as I did.

How I live my faith

I have learned over the years that I am such a creature of habit. I want to do well and have experienced a great change of heart. I have developed bad habits that are hard to overcome, thoughts and feelings and ways of thinking that are not completely correct. I have learned that I am incapable and can do nothing on my own save it be by the power from God. I have learned that I cannot perform good works without the help of my Heavenly father. For this reason I have need and seek His help in daily prayer. I have to remember to pray and to ask that my short comings be removed from me. This happens and I can overcome my short comings by asking for and keeping my Heavenly Father will in mind. I want to do his will so I can become more like him. I accept callings within the church gladly and try to do well in them. This is how I now live my faith, I try and when I fail or fall short I ask forgiveness and try again.