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Hi I'm Sarah!

I grew up in Texas and Germany. I love to write. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love people! I'm majoring in English, and like they say, writers are different: "Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric." And the lives of real people, in all their diversity and beauty, are the greatest materials writers have to work with. I used to be really shy and quiet, but I eventually discovered that I was missing out on too much by avoiding people. So I opened up. Attending college was a big step in a good direction; I made so many friends, and all I had to do was just be me! Not only have I gained, I've also learned what I can give to make people happier than they were before. I was born in Germany, and accumulative I've spent about six years there. I also spent time living in Texas, and accumulative I've spent about eight years there. I love Europe! Germany itself is such a beautiful country, and the thousands of years of history spread across the continent is rather magical. I got to travel to Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and even the United Kingdom. Since my brother is twenty-four years older than my, I was raised sort of like an only child. Living where I'm a minority as an American and as a Mormon was pivotal for me. My time in Germany changed my perspective on life and people. Probably the most important thing I learned was that we have the power to lift and cheer one another, regardless of where we came from, who our parents were, what language we speak, or which god we worship.

Why I am a Mormon

My dad was born in the church and my mom joined before I was born, so I've always had the gospel in my life. Nevertheless, trials come to all, and since life is a test those trials typically try my greatest weaknesses. My testimony has grown through those challenges, and I've recognized enough blessings that can be traced to those trials that I am actually grateful I have trials! I don’t believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God because my Sunday school teachers told me so. I don’t believe the Book of Mormon and the Bible are true because my parents taught me to read with them. I don’t believe Heavenly Father is real because it’s logical. I believe this gospel is true because I have tested it. I have trusted it. And by so doing, I have given Heavenly Father the chance to prove He is there. I kept my part of the deal: I opened my heart to Him. He has kept His promises: He has “manifest[ed] the truth of it unto [me], by the power of the Holy Ghost” (Moroni 10:4). I know I have a loving and merciful Heavenly Father. I know He is real, and I know His son Jesus Christ lives. I know I have the Holy Ghost as my constant companion. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me, and I know He has a plan for you. Don’t be afraid to find out what it is. Your Heavenly Father wants you to be happy too.

How I live my faith

I think the biggest way I'm living my faith right now is by preparing to serve a mission. I report to the MTC in August 2016 and I'm so excited! There is so much I don't know about the gospel and I have so many imperfections its not even funny. But I have faith that Heavenly Father is real, and He knows each of us. I have faith that Jesus Christ gave his life for my sins and suffering, and that I can do anything if it be wholesome and if I place my trust in Christ. I know I will meet people on my mission who don't like me, or President Monson, or God. I'm sure it will be hard to keep a smile on my face some days. But God loves all His children, even if how they live their life makes Him sad, and I know that He can help me love His children the way they deserve. Missionaries are servants of God, and He is happy when we serve His children and try to make them happy. The gospel is a message of love and joy and peace; I'm doing my best to learn how to share that message with everyone I'll meet on my mission (and even after my mission too). Meanwhile, I show my family that I love the Lord by serving my family and honoring them. I show my friends that I love the Lord by supporting them in their dreams and goals. I show the members in my ward that I love and respect the Lord by striving to magnify my callings in the church. Most of my callings have been in leadership capacities, and consequently I've learned that all callings have the same potential for influence. A pianist can make as much of an impact on the congregation as a leader can, because if they are praying for guidance, acting on promptings from the spirit, and loving those they're serving they will make a huge positive difference.