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Hi I'm Elaine

I was a homemaker for nearly 20 years. I've been divorced. I'm a special ed teacher. I found my soul mate at 52. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I found myself single I felt like the vision of “happily ever after” that I used to dream of when I was young was only an illusion, and would never be a reality in my life. I concluded that there are worse things in life than being single, and I was determined to be at peace with my fate and build a family of single friends to share my fate with. The leaders of my church asked me to coordinate the singles events for the churches in our area, and while it was a huge undertaking, I was excited to serve and get to know the single Mormons in my area. I knew that I would have a happy and full life as a single woman and I was looking forward to the journey. Although, now that I had achieved that peace, the Lord had a different destination in mind for me. A man that I had known and admired for nearly 20 years contacted me. Jim was now single and over 3000 miles away from me in Tampa. The last time I had seen him was 6 years earlier when he tried to convince my husband to stay in our 20 year marriage. While Jim was unsuccessful in his attempt, Jim left a lasting impression with me and my children. It is a long story, filled with miracles, but Jim and I are now married and we are happier than we ever dreamed possible. Because my divorce led me to a career working with disabled children, I am able to care for Jim's disabled daughter and I love her as if she were my own. We have an unusual blended family and we are not without problems, but we have love and are healing.

Why I am a Mormon

My father was raised as a Mormon, but chose not to follow his family’s faith, or any faith for that matter. Church and religion was not a part of my life as we were growing up. Since we lived in the Midwest and my Mormon grandmother lived in Washington State, my exposure to Mormons was extremely limited and I knew nothing of Mormons other than the typical, sometimes incorrect, stereotypes. But, when friends asked me what religion I was, I would say that I was a Mormon. When I was 15 I became interested in religion and would go with my friends to their churches. I was not just going to play games during the youth activities, I read the flyers they gave me and I asked questions. I found myself praying for Gods direction and wanted to follow His path for me. While I saw (and somewhat envied) the faith in my friends lives, I could not feel the connection with the Lord that they felt. As much as I prayed to know what they knew, I just could not get the peace I was seeking and felt like the answer for me was elsewhere. One day a couple of tall, gangly missionaries from Idaho showed up at our door. When they introduced themselves as missionaries from "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", I didn't immediately make the connection that they were Mormons and representing my professed faith. I invited them in (with my mother’s permission) and proceeded to bombard them with the questions that had been plaguing my heart. I remember one question I had was... "What happens to those who die without hearing about Jesus Christ and his gospel?" I remember how it felt when they were answering my questions and teaching me about the faith of my ancestors. I just knew in my heart that what they were telling me was true. One visit led to another and eventually I was going to the Mormon Church every Sunday and to all the youth activities. The true conviction was after I prayed and felt the Lords peace and confirmation that the Lord wanted me to be a Latter-day Saint.

How I live my faith

Since my conversion at 15, the Lord's spirit continues to strengthen my resolve that the path He put me on years ago was the correct path. When I was 21 I served a full time mission for the church in Adelaide, Australia. I returned and graduated from Brigham Young University and married a young man from my chosen faith and we raised our 4 children very active in the LDS church. When my husband left me after 20 years of marriage, he also left the church. It was an extremely difficult time for me and our children, especially my oldest son who was away from home serving a mission for the LDS church. I don't know what I would have done without my faith to get me through that difficult time. My children saw God working in me and sustaining me, and that had a profound impact on them as well. No one in life is exempt from trials and difficulties. I have had trials where I have turned from God and have become bitter and angry and the results have caused pain for me and my loved ones. But, through most of life’s difficulties, I have clung to my faith and have come through the other side wiser and stronger. Which leads to Jim. Every step of our relationship has been led by our Heavenly Father including, what seemed to some, as a very sudden marriage. Yet, as time goes on, it is clearer to us that we got married exactly when we needed to, and those who were skeptical now see the wisdom and blessings of our marriage. It needed to happen sooner rather than later for the sake of Jim's daughter, but we did not know exactly why until 6 months after we moved back to Olympia. The Lord knew what we could not have known, that his daughter was dying and Jim and I needed to be here to spend her last months with her and provide support. As I think about the multitude of miracles that led us to where we needed to be, I am deeply humbled by the depth of the Lord’s love for us and how He is with us… guiding us… even in those trials that we thought we would never survive.

What is the Law of Chastity?

When I became divorced in my fourties, even some of my extended family felt that my commitment to the law of chastity was out dated and should not apply to someone who had been sexually active for years. While I struggled with that idea, when Jim and I started to date, we both commited to eachother that we would abide by the law of chastity. Believe me, it was not always easy. But, now that we are married and can look back on our choice, we know that our choice has strengthened every aspect of our marriage. Show more Show less