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Hi I'm Becky

I'm a Wife; Caregiver; Engineer/Manager. Most importantly, a Daughter of God. I Love adventure and plain Joy. Yes, I am a Mormon.

About Me

I moved around a LOT as a kid, and I must have been an odd ball -because I learned to LOVE it! My father worked in construction, and we moved to wherever his job was. Dad’s jobs would change every two years...or so. By the time I graduated the 12th Grade I had attended 9 different schools, moved 12 times, and lived in 4 states. I loved going new places; seeing new things, meeting new people, learning the cultures and eating local cuisine! Moving around made it hard to keep many lifelong friends, and I was no stranger to loneliness or not "fitting in". However, my sister and I had each other. My little sister was my best friend through these times. I knew we could do anything together! Every time we moved we got to create a new journey. I feel as though I have already lived a 1,000 life times, with all we have done and seen as a family. I still love a good adventure! The last 10 years have been an adventure of a different kind entirely. 3 years into our marriage, my husband was rehabbing a sports injury, when disaster struck! He was simply jogging along, when he suddenly stopped, yelled "Something’s wrong" and crumpled to the floor. He had passed out from overwhelming pain - Pain which has NOT stopped since. My husband was diagnosed with RDS/CRPS, a debilitating nerve disorder, for which there is no known cure. It has been a hard trial for us, as not much is understood about the disease. We continue in patience and faith that God has a bigger plan for us.

Why I am a Mormon

I attribute two factors to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into my life, which set the stage for why I am a Mormon. The first factor being Mom’s burning desire to bring religion into the lives of her children, and the second being the endless efforts of many missionary lessons throughout the years. Mom had grown up in a large Catholic family, where religion played a large role to her childhood. She wanted the same spiritual foundation for her kids. I remember visiting MANY churches as a kid, exploring and searching for such religion. It was my Dad who set us on track with our mission, stating something like “IF my kids do go to a church, it will be to the right one”! Add to this, the fact that the missionaries seemed to track us down every time we made a move…Dad joked that the missionaries were worse than the IRS, “Someone might be able out run a payment to the IRS, but the missionaries will always track them down!”…and it set in motion the events of my life as follows: When I was eight, during one of many missionary discussions, the missionary began to teach about the Holy Ghost. They explained how awesome the Spirit could be in ones life. I desired right away to have it become part of mine! The missionaries then invited us to sing “I am a Child of God”. It was during that song that I left the unmistakable “burning in my bosom” which the missionaries had spoken of. It was the spirit, and I recognized it! I knew then that what the missionaries had taught was true. Fast forward about 5 years, to a new set of missionaries and a new location. The missionaries were now inviting us to be baptized, and this time my Mom accepted the invitation...What?! Is this church even true?! Now I HAD to know for myself! I ran to my room, once dismissed, and offered a sincere prayer. I knew God would not lead me astray. It was then that I received a very personal direct answer. This church is true! I know it with every fiber of my being, and I cannot deny it.

How I live my faith

I currently give lessons to the Women in our congregation (ages 18 and up). The lesson is about 45 minutes long, and I give it once a month. The lessons rotate every week between a few ladies and I am assigned to teach from talks given during the churches General Conference Broadcast. The conference is held twice a year (first weekends in April and October), and is typically broadcast via radio, TV and internet. I study the talks assigned to me by our bishop, and then teach for those studies of what I have learned. Last month I gave a talk on “The Road to Damascus”! I have so much esteem for the women to which I give the lessons. They are so knowledgeable, accomplished, and experienced that I often wonder…what do I have to offer them? But we have a fun time sharing ideas, and learning from each other. I know that I am guided by the Lord in preparing the lessons, and I do feel His knowledge pour out upon me while I prepare to do His work. I love to serve the Lord by teaching! Prior to teaching the women of the church, I taught 10 years in Primary & Nursery. Before that I was part of the Young Women Leader Presidency. I also currently serve by "Visit Teaching" to a few women in our congregation. Being a visiting teacher requires keeping a few assigned women in my thoughts and prays, and to check on them monthly, providing short spiritual message and helping to make they receive any temperal help needed. I love growing close to and becoming friends with those ladies. We have such a great time. Sometimes I feel that I get more from them then they get from me. I also stay involved in the community service projects our church offers as a congregation, and I try to support my husband in his service too! He takes care of our church building: such as overseeing cleaning, maintenance and security. I enjoy supporting my husband in his good works. He has so much talent and good spirits to offer, I am thankful for the priesthood that he honors and holds.