Chris: math, pharmacy, chemistry, science, Vietnamese, Mormon.

Hi I'm Chris

About Me

I am a multifaceted man. I have a bachelor's in chemistry. And I'm going wherever the wind takes me with that quantitative background. I worked as a tutor in math and chemistry. The most challenging (and fun) part is interacting with the various personalities. I'm currently taking prerequisite courses for pharmacy school and applying this summer. I jokingly tell people that my plan is to sell drugs for a living. Wish me luck! I love to listen to music, watch movies, read works of fiction, ponder on grand questions, run long distances, and hang out. Listening to my friends may be the best. I tweet seldomly but it's a doozy when I do. I'm the only LDS convert in my immediate family. My uncle was baptized recently. When the sister missionaries ran into him, I came up as a talking point.

Why I am a Mormon

In high school, I wanted to figure out what I believe in and what I want out of life. I became much closer to my friends then, too. I noticed some of my friends are Mormon and decided to get to know them better because they are awesome. They invited me to church. When I found some free time, I decided to take them up on that invitation. That Sunday I watched the film "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration." Soon, I began taking the missionary lessons. I like what I was learning. After meeting the missionaries a lot, my friend Stephen pointed out that I need faith because I was still not entirely sure yet. That very night, my mind was restless, so I began studying. To learn about faith, I read Alma Chapter 32 from The Book of Mormon. I prayed and asked God if all this is true. I received the confirming witness that the Book of Mormon is true. I felt a burning in my bosom (my heartbeat felt strong &... it just felt right), and peace entered my mind. I could sleep easily. Afterwards, I wanted to be baptized. I like how when Joseph Smith was young he was trying to figure out where he belonged in his own way. Once he had a strong conviction of the truth, he followed through. I wanted a strong conviction of what I am doing. Now I have one. I also like how I can improve everyday by following what Christ taught. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has everything I am looking for. I love how family oriented the church is. Families matter a lot to me.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Personally, I went on a mission because I have a desire to share what makes me different and encourage others to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, people have not heard about it. I think everyone deserves a chance to. I remember being hesitant about going because I converted to the Church and did not know much. My friends pointed out that I can learn on the mission. Mormons learn and grow from serving missions. I, myself, experienced things that continue to shape me and teach me to become a better person. Going on a mission has brought me closer to God. The prophet asks all worthy, able young men to go on a full-time mission. Then, women have the option to go if they want. Senior couples can go on a mission, too. I think everyone needs to find their own specific reason for going on a mission. I think the all-encompassing reason is a sincere love for others like the love God has for everyone. Everyone deserves an opportunity to learn more about something that can help us through life and make us happy.

How I live my faith

In my daily routine, I live my faith by making friends and building those relationships. I think that is the main way I live my faith. I like to share my humor with my friends and be there for them. If all I can do is listen, then I'll be there to listen. Being a member of the Church has put me in contact with awesome people. I count my small successes. I make an effort to learn from my mistakes and do better the next time. I remember not to berate myself for not being better now because God is proud of me as I sincerely try to become a better person. I know that bad things happen in life. The pain is going to hurt but it is part of the process. I know God will be there to comfort me. In the long run, I know good things will come.