Dianna: Mormon.

Hi I'm Dianna

About Me

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I lived in Utah for a short time where I met my husband. Shortly after marriage we decided to move to Texas to pursue our education. In Texas we started a Brazilian capoeira school, as we are both experienced capoeiristas, (hubby is a professor and I'm a graduada) and ran that business all throughout our college years. Now we live back in the west practicing chiropractic, living vegan, and being entrepreneurial. We love traveling the world, health and wellness, and teaching others how to live a more active, healthy lifestyle. We also have two super bossy cats who allow us to live in their home.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it makes sense. As a lifelong Christian, and student of the life of Christ, Mormonism is a fulfillment of prophecy. Christ always said he would come back and that He would prepare the way for his second coming. Through personal prayer I have obtained a testimony from my Father in Heaven that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father did appear to Joseph Smith to lay the foundation for the glorious return of Christ. The church that Jesus organized when he lived on the earth has been reorganized in it's fullness today. We have a living prophet, like prophets of old--Jacob, Moses, and Abraham, who lead Christ's church today. We have record of Christ's appearance, after his resurrection, to the people who lived here in the Americas. This record is called the Book of Mormon. I'm a Mormon because I can't deny that the fulness of Christ's gospel is here on the earth. I'm a Mormon because as a seeker of truth, and all things good, there is nothing more true than the saving ordinances of the Temple, the blessing of the Priesthood, and the knowledge that I am a child of God. I can't deny that the truth is available to all who seek. If any person seeks to know, with pure intent of heart, if the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth, and if the Book of Mormon is true, they will receive an answer. Heavenly Father is ready and waiting to bear witness to anyone who asks. I am a Mormon because I can't deny it's true.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

Attending Church is a matter of communion with Christ and obedience. Sure, I could find a reason each and every Sunday to do something else. And many times they are good reasons like: an outing with my family, organizing my home, or doing some much needed yard work. However, going to Church for 3 hours each Sunday isn't a big deal when I consider how many other hours there are in the week to do "stuff." I'm actually not much of a "joiner", "social butterfly", or "follower." I attend Church services because I know I'm not perfect. No one is. We all sin. I need to take the time each week to partake of the sacrament and repent of my sins. I need that one-on-one time with my Heavenly Father each week to take inventory of my life. Sometimes staying for all 3 hours of church is a test of obedience. However, I know that we've been commanded to attend our Church meetings, and it's not for the Lord's benefit but for our own. Being obedient always yields blessings. Life doesn't usually get any easier--it usually gets harder. I know that if I am obedient Heavenly Father is bound to bless me, and I NEED THE BLESSINGS!! Attending my church meetings also means I'm typically involved in teaching a lesson or helping out with a calling. Callings are great because they help those who have them learn more and become closer to the Savior. Callings are one of the ways Heavenly Father teaches us and brings us closer to Him. Attending church isn't always easy, but it's always rewarding.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being involved in my ward family. I love being an alternate or substitute teacher in Sunday school, or speaking in Church. In my line of work I interact with members of my town community very often and many people notice that I don't drink alcohol. I live my faith by being an example to my neighbors and colleagues. I have many non-member friends whom I spend a lot of time with, and I find I live my faith by just being me.