Ilya: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ilya

About Me

Here we are in I like reading the Book of Mormon, and I like to study and receive revelation through him. I love potato soufflé that makes my dad and my mom too I love to serve wherever you are.

Why I am a Mormon

For I have received a witness of the Holy Spirit, I have read, meditated and prayed, and my testimony has been unwavering. Just let the seed planted in me and paid off as the leaves grow ..

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Because they know the need for all God's children know the truth about him and even sometimes the souls do not know it is important to teach them!

How I live my faith

I visit and see for members of my neighborhood is very important to see the physical and spiritual state of all your fellow man as having an eternal perspective and not worldly or earthly, I'm willing to see the eternal happiness of all.