Bronwyn: Mormon.

Hi I'm Bronwyn

About Me

I am currently serving in the Farmington, New Mexico mission. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a full time mission and help invite others to come unto Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the church. I know that this is the true church and that I am so blessed every day to be a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. My dad wasn't a member so he decided to get baptized before i was born and become a member of the church. So then I was sealed to my family forever in the temple along with my little brother and we are together forever now, I am so grateful.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer plays a big part in my life. I say my prayers every night before i go to bed and every morning when i wake up. It has helped me get through the day with a good start. Sometimes when i have a test or i just need to talk to my Heavenly Father i can say my prayer whenever it is needed. It warms my heart knowing that my Heavenly Father is listening to everything i say and will help me with things i need help with.

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

I know this church is true. I have no doubt that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, who sacrificed everything to bring this latter-day gospel to its fullness. Joseph Smith did so much for the salvation of man. He brought forth the Book Of Mormon, that has been spread across the entire world to help testify and bring others to this wonderful gospel. I am so grateful for all that Joseph Smith did for us and this church. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by going to church and participating in activities, serving others and going to Institute ( A church class that teaches you more about the gospel). And reading my scriptures every night.