Bug Van De Graaff: artist, musician, athlete, dog whisperer, chunco, missionary, Mormon.

Hi I'm Bug Van De Graaff

About Me

Im an Artist. I love what i do. I find painting/drawing/sculpting (or anything art related) to be very relaxing. I specialize in drawing cartoons and acrylic painting. I've wanted to be an artist/cartoonist since i was 3 years old, and I've stuck to it since. I love art as much as i love my dogs. Which are awesome. I've trained them personally. Im an Athlete. I mainly played football as a defensive lineman dispite my smaller size. tough as nails. which lead me to play a bit of Rugby. awesome sport. As weel as Wrestling, Brizzilian Jujitsu and Muytai Kickboxing. Ultimate sports are the ones that are the hardest. which i believe is any fighting sport or contact sport. But it should NOT be used in any aggresive form and strictly in sportly conduct. I've taught myself to play piano when i was 14 and i continue to make up my own songs. maybe one day i´´ll have my own album??. I also sing a whole lot too. My friends usually have o tell me to shut up to make me stop singing... but i dont let it happen. My inspiration to write music, well, make cause i cant read the notes on paper (i have yet to learn) but my inspiration has been the ones i love, and my insane imaginative world i have inside my brain, that day upon day leaks out like sunshine bit by bit. I learned spanish serving a mission for the lord in Chiapas, mexico. Me encanto conocer la gente de chiapas mexico y tengo ganas de volver a verlos. Son mis amigos, pues.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe that Joseph Smith restored the true power of God to the Earth. The Priesthood. And with this power, men can now preform ordinances such as baptism and marriages for eternal purposes. I love my family and i cant comprehend living without them. And the fact that there is no life after death just doesn't make sense to me. How can our eyes just close and there is nothing? There is something there, though. There ahs to be. And that is God, and Christ. They are there waiting for us to return to them.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

I'd love to!!! i remember it thoroughly. I had turned 8, but my oldewst brother who i looked up to a lot was still gone in TX serving his mission. So, i waited. I admired him and no one else could bapttize me except him. And since he would be so used to it, having just got off of his mission, What greater opportunity!!! So i waited. and waited. I waited for 5 months until he finally got home. In the eyes of an 8-year-old... it was like... 5 MMMMOOOOOOOOONNNNNNTTTTHHHHSSSS..... you get the idea. I also remember getting my interview. Sitting on the chair with my hands on the edge... dangling my feet, swinging them back and forth with a stupid look of joy/excitment.... And then the baptisimal day. I ve never felt so clean. or excited... my brother submerged me in ther water, and lifeted me out. It was great!!! However, while we were changing into drier cloathes, my oldest brother was kind of in a hurry ,adn put me into one as well. HE rushed me to get changed so that i could recieve the Holy Ghost more quickly and not have to keep the others waiting as they sang hymns... I recieved the holy ghost by the hands of my father who (to the day) still holds worthily the sacred Preisthood Authority of God. es chido. After all was said and done, some people gave me my own set of scriptures, a towel, and a bar of soap.... hm. somehting about keeping clean and enduring to the end. And so far,t things seem to be going good.

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

I remember the first time i recieved my personal testimony that the Church is true. I was 14. My brother had died a feew years back, and i was a normal teenager. i didnt have big problems, only the ones that i went searching for. I had a few sin issues, but nothing too huge. And i wasnt really looking forward to change just quite yet, but iwanted to feel what everyone was always atlking about. THe Holly Ghost, the peace and joy inside the burning heart, that sometimes can bring ears to your eyes. I honeslty dont think i believed in God at that time, which could have been a motive for the sinnin or lack of faith. Well... I remember i wanted to know (sarcastically speaking because i still had no real intent to change) i wanted to get a surer knowledge that God exsited. I remember that the mmebers and teachers of the Church would always say "ask God if the Book of Mormon is true and you will feel the Spirit. ect. " So wanting to feel the Ghost, i sarcastically asked in a prayer if it was true. the Thoughts that came into my head were the words of what seemed to be my dead brother repling just as sarcasticlly "why do you ask if you already know its true?" Honestly i felt a little stupid. But i decidd that if i thinking it was true, then it might just be. 2 weeks later, i asked again. And i heard: "how do you feel when someone says its all a lie?" I felt irritated, i put up my fists to defend and that became the base of who i am today. I will defend this truth unto death becasue I KNOW its true. Sometimes the Spirit can bring us peace, joy and tranquility, but in my case, God knew who i was and answered me in just the way i needed to be answered. He knows who we are and what we need and want. and he gives us in just the right way, in the right time. Even if the right time is not whatwe want, its what we need. Be patient and have faith. I would also advise not to ask sarcastically, but with the real intent to benifit your own life, and the lives of others.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being an example to my friends. I talk to them about Christ and bear my testimony often. I listen to my heart when it gets prompted by God, and i obey. I honor my parents. I never back down from what i believe, and I'm wanting to share it with others.