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Hi I'm Quentin

I'm from California. I'm 6'7''. I'm an Opera Singer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was a very absent minded child but I've always enjoyed making a lot of noise. I started playing jazz saxophone in the 6th grade. In high school I sang in the choir, played tuba in the marching band, and baritone sax in the jazz ensemble, as a result i was able to tour around the US. I came into my own sometime in college. Now i study Voice and hope one day to be a Professional Opera singer and Voice Professor. I love Music, People, the Gospel, and a host of other things. Everything however has not been perfect. I grew up in a broken home and was raised by a very busy single mother. I had a pretty tough start in high school and was involved in less then perfect things my first year in college. I was recently married and more recently divorced, BUT i know the church is true and hard times can help us grow.

Why I am a Mormon

Since i was little my parents had always told me to watch out for those Mormons. "Its a cult" they cried! "They don't believe in the same Jesus! "They worship men!" my family was fairly religious we went to church at a big non denominational church my grandpa had been a pastor. Christ had ran in our blood, so why should i not believe them. While growing up however my family was very far from perfect but i did have a best friend that when ever i went to his house it felt like home. They loved me they knew how to care they were Mormon although at the time i didn't think much about that i was far to into playing Video games and trying to escape the world that i did not feel apart of. College is where it all happened for me. I begun to question the world around me eventually i found that there was a divine Creator for sure and that he loved me and that the way to be truly happy was to be the best you could, and to love God and try in follow him. In school I met a girl she was sweet as sweet could be BUT she was Mormon. After a few DAYS of dating she said to me "I'll never get married outside the temple" So i told her "I'll never be Mormon" Then i went to her church on the first Sunday of august 2010. It was a fast and testimony meeting, so the members of the church, shared there own personal testimonies of the gospel. BOY was something special I could feel there! It was like being at my best friends house from my youth, times a million. I knew that they believed the same Christ i came to know that they loved their neighbors and their God and that they did all that because they had been given so much. I knew i needed to read the book of Mormon for myself. So i did and it was (is) true. I couldn't deny the power and truth and divine nature of that book. So on October 13, 2010 I was baptized and it was one of the most glorious and beautiful experiences I have ever had.

How I live my faith

Nowadays I'm still studying music but I'm doing everything as unto Christ. I'm trying to live in a way that would reflect Christ. I smile more, i care more and i take more time out for people, because i think that's what Christ would have me do. I'm in a million in one classes and organizations around my city, so i know that my striving to be like Christ and living his commandments will make in impact on a lot of people's lives. Whenever i get asked why I'm so happy I can tell them its because i have found a truth that has helped me in a million different ways. A truth that has gotten me through every hard time and it can do the same for them. I love everyone both in the church and outside. In living that is living Faith!