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Hi I'm Dave Hand

I grew up in Southern California. I'm a car mechanic by trade. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've lived in "Arid-zona" for many years now. I met my wife in high school early-morning seminary class. We have four kids and four grandkids. When I'm not working on cars, I like to hunt, fish, backpack, or just jump in the car and get lost somewhere.

Why I am a Mormon

Mormon kids I knew in high school ganged up on me. I thought I was in love with the Stake Executive Secretary's daughter. Next thing I knew I was in Institute being offered a calling and needed to be a member to accept it. There was no real religious zeal in my family. When I found myself a guest in my LDS friends' homes I felt something that was electrifying to me. They were sincere, serving, and knowledgable about their faith. They loved each other and worked together as a family. It seemed like everyone had a singing voice, played musical instruments and danced. They studied and prayed together. It seemed like there was always something going on at church; a meeting, a conference, a party. It was culture shock, but in a good way. They had answers to questions everyone else seemed to avoid. They were strong and composed in situations that had caused havoc in my family. They were happy. Not perfect, but I knew very quickly I wanted what they had. That was many years ago. Since then my sweetheart and I have raised a family enjoying temple covenants. We have had many opportunities to serve and to grow. We have been richly blessed spiritually and temporally. We have met people and done things that never would have happened outside of our church service. We share a sense of love of family and belonging that is difficult to explain, because it extends to our ward, the whole membership of the church, all mankind and even those who have passed beyond the veil.

How I live my faith

As we have a " lay clergy ", everything that gets done at church gets done by a member of the congregation, and there's always plenty to do. I've led Boy Scouts, planned ward activities, taught Sunday School, been called as a missionary several times, been a clerk, worked security details, worked farm projects, served in leadership positions, been a janitor, and pretty much anything else I've been asked to do. In the meantime I have met and worked with hundreds of people and have developed a pretty well-rounded grasp of how things work in the church. Sometimes it was challenging, often fun, always satisfying. I've always been a "home teacher", where I visit the homes of several member families that I am assigned to every month. My companion and I visit with them, leave a gospel message, pray with and for them. We grow closer, develop friendships with them,...by assignment, strange as that may sound. We identify ways to assist them where we can, help with yardwork, broken cars, rides to appointments or what have you. We share in celebration, and sometimes sorrow as well. For the last several years I have worked with LDS Family Services in the Addiction Recovery Program, perhaps the most challenging thing I have ever done, and at the same time the most rewarding. This is the gospel "where the rubber meets the road". I try to be an example at work and in the community. It's just fun to help someone out of the wild blue and turn around and leave, asking nothing in return. Some people are so perplexed. I just get a warm feeling and a grin.

What is faith?

Dave Hand
Before I converted, I saw what I considered good things in my mormon friends' lives, things I frankly envied. I asked " How can I have those things too?" The answers required certain actions on my part. I had to believe those actions would actually bring the desired result. But, more importantly, I had to act. So I started with study and prayer, fully expecting answers and inspiration which did surely come. I continued building on my faith, I was baptised by one having authority, and I recieved the Holy Ghost. I was ordained to the Priesthood, labored in many callings and continued to seek and recieve greater knowledge and blessings. I recieved the blessings of the temple, have raised my family and continue to ask, recieve, and act. Today I enjoy all of those things that first stirred my interest in the church, and much more. The seed was good and it's fruit is delicious. The difference in my life was that I acted on correct principles as they came to me. I did not turn my back, I did not let anything keep me from moving forward. I acted, and I expect to continue acting throughout my life. Show more Show less