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Hi I'm Suzanne

I grew up in Alabama and California.I love getting lost in a book, playing sports, laughing with my family, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am living my dream of being a mom to our 4 kids. I always wanted to have a family, and enjoy the beauty of life with my husband and kids. I grew up playing a lot of sports like tennis, softball, and swimming, and being involved in our dance program in our high school. But now, in my 30's, it is so fun to watch my kids enjoying their own activities and interests, and for me to develop different interests now as well. I absolutely love reading and getting transported to another place in time or to read the descriptions of the beauty in different places and lands. Homestaging has also been another interest of mine, and it's been fun to help my friends get their homes ready to sell, and to get to know them better through that hobby. I also have started substitute teaching at my kids' school, and it has been a great experience! I graduated from college with a major in Sociology and a minor in History, but later wished I had gotten a teaching degree, and I've been working on that as well. But one of the greatest joys I have ever experienced in life is that of getting to care for my children, to hold my babies in my arms, and to rock them to sleep at night, trying to cherish those times when they are little, and to make memories with my kids as they grow. Of course sometimes it is hard, but it has been the most special experience of my life to get to raise my children with my husband, to have those teaching moments, fun times, and hope that they become the best people they can be.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a Mormon, and always felt in my heart that I was in the right church. Along with having the Bible in our home as our scriptures, I remember reading a part of the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, around age 10, and really feeling a peace as I read this. I knew that this was the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and I still feel it, even stronger, today. This church has all of Jesus Christ's teachings that will make us happy and have the guidance we need in life to have strong families and to be able to return to live with God and Jesus Christ again as we follow his teachings. In a world of turmoil and wickedness and low morals, I feel such gratitude in my heart that we have been given guidance and commandments to keep us and our children at peace, and away from the many degrading influences of our time. Although the storms of life and trials still come, the peace that I have during those times because of this gospel gives me great solace and comfort. I remember having a hard time in college and needing guidance, and wanting to know if God was really,truly there for me. As I sat praying in my room in the dark, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and love, and I knew God really was there and was listening to me, and sending me the comfort I needed. I feel such gratitude to know that God loves us, watches over us, and has given us the fullness of His gospel, through his Son, Jesus Christ's example, so we can have the happiness in this life that He wants all of His children to have. Because of the teachings we have been given, I have peace in my life and an inner strength that helps me know I can get through anything. I know it is all true.

How I live my faith

One of the things I get to do in our church is play the piano for singing time for the children ages 3 to 11 on Sundays. The songs are beautiful and hearing the children's voices brings such a happiness and peace into the room the children meet in. Being a woman in the church, I also get to belong to the largest women's group in the world, called the "Relief Society", which gives help and aid to members of our church and to those of other faiths. We make meals for the sick, put together kits for those suffering from natural disasters, and just give phone calls or words of encouragement to those we know are struggling. We do all these things in love and are trying to follow the example of Jesus Christ. I just really feel that we all have our struggles and trials at times, and as we look at each other the way that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father would, that we can help lift each other's burdens through showing love and concern and just a genuine interest in people. I have made my closest friends through service- when I have needed help, friends would call and bring me meals, or just listen and help me through their sympathy and kind words, and hopefully I have in some small way helped others as well. We also live our faith by praying together as a family and reading our scriptures together, and the peace it brings into our home is so comforting. We have a family night once a week that we dedicate to just being with our family on Monday nights, when we have a lesson, sing, sometimes have a game and treats- whatever we have time for that night. Also, we just like to have fun together as a family-riding bikes, going to sporting events, or just being together. Through the storms of life and the degrading moral standards all around us, it is a wonderful feeling to know that we can come into our home and feel the love we have for each other and for the Lord, and that as we do our best, He will bless us and strengthen us, no matter what comes our way.