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Hi I'm Alan

I'm a father, I'm a builder, I'm a cyclist and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I grew up in a large family in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I loved personal freedom and independence found in the outdoors around my home. I pursued greater independence and opportunity by setting and achieving goals to push myself in school and work. After serving an LDS mission to Mexico, marriage, graduating from college, becoming the parent of a disabled child and starting a career as a commercial builder, I realized that satisfaction in life does not only come from individual accomplishments, but being involved in others' successes. This realization has lead me to involvement with Boy Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, coaching youth sports and much more. My wife and I love our four children and are excited for their accomplishments in academics, sports and their growing faith in God. My passion for building has taken me to projects from New York to Costa Rica. I now work as an owner in a modest sized general contracting firm in Arizona. Several times a week I leave before 5:00 AM to meet with others on their bicycles for a loop out in the Sonoran Desert. On our bicycles, as in life, we work as a team to help us all ride better and safer.

Why I am a Mormon

I cannot answer why I am a Mormon without expressing my gratitude to my ancestors who accepted the gospel many years ago. They chose to live faithfully through religious, economic and environmental challenges. I recognize from their experiences that a testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel is more than a tradition, but something that has to be understood, worked at and lived. I have enjoyed personal experiences of praying, studying the scriptures and outward experiences where I received answers through emotion, feelings and reassuring inspiration that the Jesus is the Christ, the Book of Mormon is true and the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored. As an independent minded youth I often attended church services and faith based activities with friends of other denominations. I learned of their devotions and enjoyed sharing with them my testimony. This interface taught me an appreciation for all who live, believe and practice their individual faith as well as a realization how much we share in belief and faith. Through such experiences I recognized that differences between the various denominations was more about policy or program rather than personal faith and beliefs. I grew to appreciate that as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I have access to "the fullness of the gospel" not limited by a specific aspect or theme of the teachings of Jesus Christ or the prophets who wrote the bible. Perhaps, most important of all, I am grateful to be a Mormon because I have access to continued revelation and guidance from modern day prophets and apostles. These leaders teach and testify of Jesus Christ to the realization of a strengthened spiritual well being that gives me the ballast I need to live, work, serve my family and my community in a manner I believe Jesus Christ would that I live.

How I live my faith

I believe that as a Mormon, my faith is not just a part of life, but a way of life. I make an earnest effort to live every moment as Christ taught us to live. When I find myself involved with my family, participating in my church callings and serving others I rarely find myself in conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The church not only gives me opportunities to live my faith but provides opportunities for me to teach and strengthen others. When working as a teacher, a missionary or as a leader of others, I find my faith and desire to learn of and to follow Christ strengthened. I believe we have to give to receive. I have also learned that there are limitations to our abilities and time. We can focus all our efforts on receiving personal gratifications. I see this in so many others as they pursue such rewards to only find that are unsatisfying and often lead to unhappiness for themselves and others around them. Just the same, I realize that by embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ and living the gospel principles at all times we will find greater, lasting joy and blessings. No, it is not easy to always live this way. It is a long term and challenging commitment to truly live the teachings of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, He is forgiving and loving to us as we work our way through life and finding how to bring our priorities and efforts in line with his teachings!