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Hi I'm Pat Shepherd

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

About Me

Sometimes I describe myself as a jack-of-all-trades. At other times, I am an old desert rat (having lived in the Arizona desert all my days). When I want to be remembered kindly, I am my father's red-headed Irishman (having the name of Patrick). But mostly, I am a person you can talk to and I'll listen. I'll ask questions, but let you discover what you really feel or believe. I enjoy reading classic fiction: science (Asimov, Herbert), fantasy (McCaffrey, Moon et. al.) and spy novels (Ludlum, Buckley, Clancy). I enjoy outdoors activities, and my favorite sport is the one I am playing at the moment! (I do watch the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona D-Backs.) I am definitely an unfinished product, because I have not learned all I want to, nor visited all that I want to see in this life. I will, in the future, visit some MesoAmerican ruins, and also take an Alaskan cruise. I work in a sales position, but consider myself more of a problem-solver and service person; following the adage "I'll help you get what you want". This service extends beyond work; to family, friends, neighbors and the community. You may see me at a community event, helping here or there; almost always on set-up or clean-up, as I do not seek to be seen or have authority. You may see my work in the local newspaper "vent" column or letters to the editor. I try to make reasonable assessments or ironic (but never derogatory) comments. Generally, I am an average person, with cares but also with dreams.

Why I am a Mormon

To the question of Why I'm a Mormon, I respond "and why not?" I am free to choose what I would be. Even when I was raised as a member of the LDS church, I knew that I could choose any other way to live. I chose that which sustains my personal values and gives me incentive to do my best. That choice is (not "was", because it is a daily choice) to follow my Savior, Jesus Christ, and strive to align my will to His. I believe, and do aver, that our souls continue in existence after this mortal life. This knowledge is not a result of movies, such as "Ghost" or "Sixth Sense". Such fashionable ideas and artistic expressions only help make this truth more believable. My witness is from the Holy Ghost (a member of the Godhead), given to me-and to others-that we can enjoy family relationships and friendships after our resurrection. It is a sacred knowledge, and I share it with you in the hope of helping you to trust your Father in Heaven, and to seek to learn more of His plan for us, his spirit children. My actions in this mortal life have much more importance as I remember that I am in a "celestial secondary school", and there is much more to do and learn before I graduate to the next level. My testimony is that God does live, and is interested in us, his spirit children. He is pained when we feel pain, and feels joy when we act well. He loves us sufficient to allow his Only Begotten Son to suffer for the sins and hurt of us all. His Son, Jesus Christ, loves us sufficient to take upon Himself the justice for all who repent of their bad actions and follow his Way. God has blessed us in these days with living prophets, and with an organization that carries his authority. This organization is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Those who join become saints (although not perfect-yet!) through their diligence to obey God's commandments. God's word, in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and other scriptures will lead you to the truth. I so bear my witness.

How I live my faith

Like many youth, I dreamed that some day I would become a bishop, or a mission president, or even a prophet! Life does not always unfold the way we dream. I, by my life's experience, have prepared myself to be one of the "common" soldiers, doing much work on the front lines. I have enjoyed serving in various positions on the ward (parish) level. These include being a youth leader, scout leader, nursery teacher (it was enjoyable, but I'm not sure I have the energy level any more, except as an occasional substitute). I have also been in close assistance to the bishopric of the ward. (These types of callings lift you in the eyes of the ward members, so it is important to remember who is our True Leader.) I have also conducted religious services in an assisted living center. I love those people still, and visit them from time to time. The most enjoyable responsibility, for me, is teaching Sunday School classes. I enjoy having a focus for my spiritual study (each lesson has a theme), and presenting these themes to others in the hope of their sharing insights that inspire me and others. I hope to prepare myself financially and spiritually so that I can serve again as a missionary. This service, which will be shared with my spouse, will be for a limited time, sometime after my retirement. In the meantime, I will continue to serve as a "watchcare specialist" for some families in my local ward, and help others to fulfill their callings (such as setting up chairs and tables for a group get-together)! Living by my beliefs is a personal expression of my faith. I have always trusted in the proverbial phrase that when you "cast your bread upon the waters, in many days it will come back to you". Thus I have cast out the breads of kindness and service--but it is not because I want a reward to come back, only because I find joy in helping others. As I feel loved when someone does good to me, I act to help others to feel loved and, perhaps, gain a better love for their self.