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Hi I'm kim whatcott

I'm a Mormon. I am married to a beautiful woman who happens to be from China. I have four boys and one girl who are adults.

About Me

I am a 59 year old man who works for a large electronics company in the west, and have 5 children 4 sons and one daughter. They are all very special children because their mother is an exceptional mother to them. We get together often and enjoy doing things together. My sons and I enjoy doing mechanical and scientific things, we've built cars, that are very fast and have enjoyed building unusual machines. My wife and I also enjoy gardening, and have coaxed delicious food out of the desert soil. My wife is a very talented artist, sculpting, painting, and many other artistic persuits including cooking delicious and beautiful meals. My daughter is a klone of her mother, she too is artistically talented, and a great cook. We have five grandchildren all boys so far, who are a great joy to us and constantly provide comic entertainment and enough energy to power the pentagon. We are involved in our church a great deal which takes time and energy but which gives us purpose and a relationship with God that we rely on continuosly for our well being.

Why I am a Mormon

I can't really imagine doing anything else. I have been a mormon all my life, I was raised a mormon and even though I have friends who are not mormon and know their lifestyles, have been in their homes, I have no desire to stop doing what I have always done. I have discussed religion with many people and have found their religions unsatisfactory. Joseph Smith, the man we call the first Prophet of this dispensation (or period of time) said " we teach them correct principles and they govern themselves"... this quote explains how we live, when we recieve the truth then we are free because we understand who we are, where we're going and how to get there. Another great principle that Joseph taught is that revelation is basic to our lives. If we have developed a relationship with God we know he will guide us by revealing things to us so we can avoid many problems that those who don't believe in him can't. I rely heavily on him to guide me through life. He has never let me down when I have asked for help. I'm often surprised at how quickly he answers my requests, although there are requests I have made from him that are unanswered that I have been asking for ten years. My faith that he will answer this request is still strong, he is just waiting for the right time and circumstance to fulfill it. That is my faith, that is why I'm a mormon.

How I live my faith

If you didn't know it ,in the mormon faith we have no paid ministry. The leader of our congregations are called a "bishop" and he is a male who is selected by revelation and he serves for approx. five years. He is then released from that position and another is "called" to be the new bishop. He doesn't do it all though. Every member in the church usually has a job or position. Some are teachers who teach children or youth, or adults. Some are clerks who keep financial or member records. Some like me take care of the buildings, but not alone. Everybody is expected to help in some way. The music people organist, chior, soloists are all voluntary. But people don't choose the job they do. They are "called" by the bishop to a job or position, and can refuse to do it, but usually do not. Again nobody gets paid to do a position in the church. Speakers in church are assigned from the audience, with some advance notice to prepare. When young men are 19 years old they are expected to go on a mission for two years at their own expence. They do not decide where they will go it is assigned. I understand that some people are afraid when they become aware of the expectations of a member but it isn't that way from the beginning, at least not at first. But you can be sure when God calls you to a position that he gives you power to do the things you are not qualified to do and helps you learn to do others. Its this empowerment that is sometimes exilerating, and always inspiring. When you need it the spirit comes to you and makes you equal to the task, and you learn to trust that he will always help you.