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Hi I'm Mark

I'm from California & Florida - and NOW Texas. I'm an illustrator, sports fan, father, husband, hermano, fun-guy. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up the middle son of two great parents who divorced when i was 10. Born in California, we then moved to Florida after the divorce. I lived in a house where there were certain soaps and towels we were not allowed to use, aunts and cousins I've never before seen, but I was told I MUST kiss when I greet them, and we were told repeatedly the Dishwasher didn't have "hands." - As a kid, i loved to swim, be outside playing baseball and football, building forts, jumping off the roof-into the pool and being creative. I loved to draw. Through loving support and encouragement, I decided when i grew up, I wanted to be an artist. - -so i did. After 6 grueling years of schooling, and many late nights, fueled by Mt. Dew while I painted, I received my degree. I now live in Texas with my wife and 2 kids, working as an illustrator and game concept designer for a gaming company. I love to watch football and wish it would rain more.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a product of divorce, being raised by a single mom, often working two-jobs, who tried her best to raise us by herself. Church was important to my mom, but In my early years, sadly church sometimes fell by the wayside. She tried though. She knew that's where we should be. My brother's and I did all we could to convince her that church was boring, a waste of time, too far, too early and we simply hated dressing up. We did our best to foil her plans to take us to church. I can recall going through short spells of inactivity, while we succeeded to discourage her from time to time. BUT, my mother never gave up. By this point, I was old enough to begin to recognize patterns in our life. And it went like this; When we took the time to do the right things and go to church and remember God, our lives were blessed. - we were happier and had all that we needed. When we were too busy to go to church and our priorities kept us from going, it seemed those were the times we inevitably had a tougher time either making ends meet or struggled to be happy. It took years to recognize this, but it became clear I was a better person and happier, and our family was blessed when we put God first. Plain and simple, I've never forgot that basic fundamental and promised myself one day as I got older adn had a family of my own, I would put God First. As an adult, father and husband, I don't have to be Mormon or go to church anymore if I don't want to. I can sleep in if I want to. But the countless blessings of happiness and knowing my father-in-heaven has always been there without question, throughout my life, I choose to be a Christian. - In this crazy-mixed up world, where good is bad, bad is good, and important morals and values dwindle away and are considered old fashioned, I am not a follower, or taking the easier and popular path. I have a mind of my own. Though I may stumble, I choose to have Christ in my life. I choose to be happy. I choose to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I'm a simple person. There is nothing flashy or special about me. I hope I'm a kind person to everyone. I want to be that kind of person. I'm as imperfect as the next guy so therefore I make all kinds of mistakes, but i hold myself accountable for my shortcomings and simply get back up and try again. I try to seek forgiveness from those I've wronged and be a hope to be a good person. Simply put - I try to be a Christian in word and deed, expressing gratitude for my blessings to my savior by being kinder to others and sometimes simply slowing down and smiling more. - It's a mean, cruel, bitter world out there, but I'm happier and feel like my life has more purpose when I kinder to others.