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Hi I'm Kiana

I promote learning and intellectual growth by inspiring my community's youth through creativity and imagination. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

For all of my life I've been different. Because of my odd ethnicity, I stand out. Because I love nerdy, eccentric, odd things like Star Trek, Anime, and Harry Potter, I stand out. When I don costumes, and speak in foreign accents to go along with those nerdy things I love... I REALLY stand out. I love to starr in musicals and plays; play videogames and puzzles. I constantly play competitive sports like volleyball and I savor reading classical literature. I adore cooking exotic meals and pastries, drawing comics, and sculpting fantastical objects. I excel in math, english, creative writing, and I tutor all of those subjects frequently. I like the challenge of painting large murals and speaking different languages because I travel the world and have grand adventures in it! People at work commonly call me the "Renaissance Woman". Intelligence and creativity are what I value very much, because if I am going to stand out, I think I'd like to stand out for all the right, legitimate reasons! I am extremely blessed to have an occupation that allows me to work with emotionally disabled teens, and that is where I can use all of my talents, loves, and skills to help them to gain knowledge, and have happiness in their otherwise dark, lonely lives. I also work as advisor to many youth clubs, in which they learn to love learning and helping others through creativity and imagination! It is all because of my beliefs and my church that I can be inspired to inspire those around me!

Why I am a Mormon

I choose to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I have done nothing but grow and be inspired through the teachings of Christ in this church! Learning and growth are an integral part of this Church, and I do believe, with all my heart, that it is the true Church of our Savior Jesus Christ, here on the earth at this dark time to help us to be happy. When I say happy, I mean, not just "Hey, I'm going to eat a cookie." Then I eat the cookie, and am happy for thirty seconds until I'm sad again realise I want another. The kind of happiness that I feel is constant, and come with promises of an eternal nature. Through this church, I know that my family can be together forever! I know that there is a God, a Heavenly Father, who loves me so much, and wants me to learn and be happy! He wants me to grow through trials and hardships but to also know that I will be better because I pushed through and took the challenge, having faith, trust, and hope in everything He teaches me in His Gospel! Although I have so much, I have had to overcome so much to get here, and I feel happier. I feel stronger! And I've felt supported and uplifted through it all. My loving Heavenly Father sent his only begotten Son to die for me, so that through his suffering for my sins, and if I keep my promises I make to Him in this life, I can live in an eternal happiness with Him, my Savior, my family and loved ones. With this knowledge, how can anyone NOT have a positive outlook in this life and be inspired? I live my life to learn, gain knowledge, and share it with others. I know that this Church is true because, if you look at it intellectually, it WORKS. It's a simple equation: True Gospel of Jesus Christ restored through a True living Prophet + Me, follow its teachings with faith and hope = Happiness. Throughout my life I've been around that world, and seen and accomplished many things, but I am the happiest because of this Church. Become inspired like I have.

How I live my faith

Being a member of this Church allows you to go and make a difference in the world! I recently served a Church mission for a year and a half in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area. It was a humbling experience to bring peace and give service to the good people in Northern Florida. Here, off my mission, I am able to meet new people, and to help them in whatever their needs may be. What I love about this Church is that everyone cares about you! We visit each other's homes to offer support and upliftment! Its a large family that offers protection and cares for the wellfare of not just members of the church, but the entire human race! I sometimes teach lessons at Church, and love to feel the sweet spirit fill and inspire me when I do... its a feeling that I hope to attain more of as I progress through life.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

We tend to talk about the Bible a lot, but rarely do we ever put ourselves in that time in our minds. We don't ever think, "Hey, those people were once people, like us." A lot of times I talk to people, and some of the things in the Bible are hard for them to see as being real... well, I believe it is real. It is recorded history as well as spiritual script. Which means, they were real people. In the real world of that time, like we are real right now. Back then, they needed Holy prophets ordained by God to lead the people through the trials of those specific times. For example, Moses, through divine revelation, lead his people out of Egypt, wandered in the desert for 40 years. They definitely needed divine instruction in that time. We, in our time, do not need to be led out of Egypt, or need to look at the mounted staff with a serpent placed on it... but we still live in a time of a specific kind of darkness. I dare say we live in one of the darkest times, when evil can be found with a simple click of a button, or around the corner form where we live... we need prophets to help us see what God wants us to do NOW. God is unchanging. If he were to deviate from any of his words (like giving commandments through living prophets), He would cease to fit under that category. I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is a living Prophet on the earth today. I have followed his many counsels, and through doing so, have felt the hand of my Heavenly Father guide me in my life. Show more Show less