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Hi I'm Lianne

Mom of 3. Happily married 25 years. Lived in 10 homes across the country. Like movies, music and art. My best friends are my kids.

About Me

I worked for 10 years before I married and started a family. It's been a luxury to stay at home and raise our 3 amazing children; I admire women who have worked hard to get their education and learn new skills. When our youngest finishes college I hope to return to school and continue my learning. We've moved around more than most and it is always a joy to create a place for our family to live that's orderly and lovely and where people come to visit and say things like "...there's such a nice feeling in your home". Anything that tugged at my heart...it filled our home...music...artwork on the walls (often a page from a calendar)...yummy smells...cut flowers in a vase (sometimes from my own flower garden). I think I was born to create beauty. My family has heard me say many times, "When the world was created I was put to work on the flower committee." I went to school in the days when girls had to take sewing/cooking classes; my mom made sure I knew how to make a dress and can food. These skills have helped me to become more resourceful and clever...something that was especially valuable when the challenge of unemployment came our way. When I come upon someone who can express a thought in the most beautiful and articulate manner--whether written or verbal--I am in complete awe. I gave this love of the English language to my daughter, and now this is what she is studying at college. I feel our best lived life is when we live to bless others and help them achieve.

Why I am a Mormon

As a teenager, I remember getting dropped off at the church and picked up when meetings were over--although many times I walked the few miles home. Our home life was far from the ideal "Mormon family" picture. We didn't often pray or study the scriptures, yet the principles of obedience and faith had been taught along the way. I learned from experience how to pray and to appreciate the feeling that would often come from sincere prayer. When I was 15 I recall walking home from a youth activity; all the other girls had been picked up by their parents. It was dark and I was alone. I prayed that I would get home safely. The feeling that came over me was overwhelming. I knew that the Lord was mindful of me and that He was communicating to me through that warm, wonderful feeling that I was in His hands and He would continue to be with me. Our family moved again. I graduated from High School with excellent grades but college was never a topic of discussion. Dad expected me to get a job and so I did. I was almost 21; still lived at home. The drive to downtown took 30 minutes. My car radio had broken so I decided to use the time to pray. I'll never forget my plea: "Father, what is it that I should be doing?" As if the words were audible, this "voice" came to my mind: "I want you to go on a mission". Immediately I was filled with that same warm and wonderful feeling. The Lord was reassuring me again that He had a plan for me. This is why I am a Mormon. The principles and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ help me to receive and recognize personal revelation each and every day of my life. Five years later I was introduced to a nice man. We dated a couple of times but I was anxious and unsure about developing a relationship with him. Once again, the influence of the Holy Ghost came upon me in such a powerful way as to open my mind and heart to something new and replace fear with faith. The gift of the Holy Ghost is real and gives my life guidance, direction and answers.

How I live my faith

I am the happiest when I am able to teach others about something that I personally have discovered is good or true or that brings me joy. When the apostle Paul taught that "...we are one in the body of Christ" I understand that to mean that we need each other; we cannot expect to attain our salvation and exaltation independent of one another; it's not a race. I remember reading these words: "...we are not in a race against each other...but against sin". So if I am running this race...along with everyone else...then it isn't a matter of when I cross the finish line, but how I help those that are running along with me to keep going and not give up. Most of the time, these people are my family and my friends, but it can be others--people we don't know that are watching us. And that's what I try to do. Sometimes it's a smile; sometimes it's an anonymous gift left on a doorstep, sometime it's a word of appreciation, and always, it's me striving to live the principles of the gospel that I know to be true...be a good example. An apostle of the Lord once said, "we must accept our obligation to stand before the Lord and be accountable for our every thought, word and action". If that's true, and I believe that it is, then how grateful I am for Jesus Christ and His atonement. He affords me the opportunity to repent and make right those mistakes that are made when thoughts are negative, words have been careless, and when certain actions fill me with regret and sorrow. How different my life is now from the life of my youth. My children have been raised in a home filled with the spirit. We are not without problems, but there is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His power to help and bless; there is peace and there is hope; there is laughter and there is love; there is purpose and there is a plan...a plan of happiness!