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Hi I'm Jo

I'm an everyday person who likes to draw, sing, dance, and laugh. I tell corny jokes and love them. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I also love being outdoors. I went to college in the western United States and loved it, so moved to Colorado after I graduated...if I could only have my family, North Carolina friends, and the beach here, it'd be perfect. I love to travel and explore, so I've traveled through most of Colorado at all seasons of the year. I especially love going to long-forgotten ghost towns and then hiking into photograph them. I've been to Europe twice, once to visit friends in Paris, another time to visit the little town in northern Germany that was my grandfather's home before he emigrated the United States. Understanding history is very important to me, because it reveals the structure of thought and action that created my present and shapes my future.

Why I am a Mormon

Many people talk about “blind faith”, but there is no such thing. I grew up in the Bible Belt of the Southeastern United States, where calls to follow Christ are many and varied. It was confusing to me, however, because I didn’t know at the time that it is possible, through prayer, to know what is true: You simply do your best to determine the truth on your own, then you pray and ask Heavenly Father if your conclusion is correct. Sometimes the answer is short and sweet, either “Yes” or “No”. Sometimes the answer is an opening of other avenues to explore and consider. Sometimes, it’s a call to wait; sometimes, a silence that invites me to rethink and reconsider and ask if there is something that I have missed in coming to my conclusion. It’s a very dynamic process, one that requires asking, seeking, knocking, and listening, plus watching and waiting for answers. The answers always come. This process of finding truth works when seeking scriptural knowledge, insight on fixing a damaged relationship, or learning a principle of mathematics. Active prayer is a clear example that “Faith, without works, is dead”; it always begins with action: asking a question, actively seeking the answer, then proving that truth by living it and seeing the results. The Lord expects us to be involved in our own solutions, and as one of my teachers in college would say, “The Holy Ghost cannot bear witness (of what’s true) to a vacuum.” Such a process leads to knowledge, never “blind faith”. Through this process of asking, testing, and proving, I have learned so much about Christ since joining the Church. He is real, He lives, He loves us as the individuals we are, and He always stands ready to welcome us to "come unto Him", no matter what our past may have been.

How I live my faith

I love serving in the Church and volunteering in the community, because it's the second half of a perfect circle of learning. At Church, we learn more of how Christ would have us live. In the community and at Church, we have a chance to practice what we've learned, plus the opportunity to learn directly from Him through prayer how to apply His principles of action. All of these opportunities have helped me understand that Christ is a real, because I've had distinct impressions given to me, "Do this" or "Don't do that", then been able to see the results. I've helped organize camps for young women, put on theatrical presentations, performed in large choirs, written and produced plays, provided hands-on welfare service, cared for injured birds, given hands-on support for homeless shelters, taught classes, brought singles' groups together, helped develop start-up companies...every experience has, within itself, been a world of unique experience. How boring life would be without the opportunity to serve!