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Hi I'm Sarah

I was born in Brisbane. I'm a wife, a mum and a teacher and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been married for 7 1/2 years to the most wonderful man I know (even on those nights the footy is on and he cheers so loud at the TV) and we have 3 gorgeous children. I am kept very busy feeding the kids and trying to help them get along with one another. Personality clashes are definitely apparent in my kids and often take lots of work to remind them that family love is very important. I LOVE to scrapbook. It took a long time for me to work out how to do it 'cause I'm not particularly 'crafty' and was often concerned about hurting or destroying the paper or tags or buttons but I have almost completed my first ever full scrapbook and I'm just a 'tiny' bit proud of it. Every other week I get together with friends and spend time chatting and scrapping. It's the best. I am the biggest theatre fan and feel that all theatre should come to Brisbane just so that I can watch it and experience it. I did a great deal of performing as a kid but now love to direct and be behind the scenes more. I love to see people learn something about themselves through the experience of performing and seeing them recognise talents they didn't even know they had. I graduated from uni last year as a Middle School Teacher and just Suppy Teach one day a week. I love helping students learn and accomplish their goals and also do some home tutoring which I absolutely love. There is something uniquely special about each child that I love to help nuture. I am also an avid reader.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with parents who taught me to think for myself and make decisions based on common sense and feelings of the heart. I have attended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my entire life. When my parents divorced when I was 16, I was devastated. Everything that I knew to be of value in this life (my family) was no longer the same. It was at this point that I really chose to think about what I valued most and why. I value being a Mormon because everything that I have experienced in this life has value and meaning. I know that the choices I make each and every day matter and that my life here on earth is precious. It's a wonderful feeling to know that no one can take my place. That I am here at this time because this is where and when I am needed. I love that I have the opportunity to associate with people who are striving to instill in their children strong, virtuous morals and values, just the same way that I and my husband are. I am grateful and confident in those that help and assist me in teaching my children and for the opportunity I have to grow as a wife and mother through observing those who I associate with. My family are the centre of my life and I know that we can be together beyond the end of this life. Most of all, I love the chance I have to get to know my Saviour, Jesus Christ. As I study as an individual, as a family and with friends at Church, I am able to learn so much about the great plan of happiness our Father and Heaven has given to us through Jesus Christ. I love learning about His life, His teaching and His purpose for coming to earth and how important these three things are to my own salvation.

How I live my faith

I love to serve others, whether it is a smile or a hug or a simple meal or two. There are so many opportunities to give to others in this world. At Church I am the secretary for the women's organisation. I mark the role on Sundays and keep everyone on track with upcoming events and activities. It's wonderful to be able to see new faces and be responsible for greeting them and introducing them to others. I have also served a great deal in organising special social events and last year I had the opportunity to direct a musical called 'Esther and the King'. We had over 60 people performing, singing and dancing and it was a large and exhausting task but as I saw all the people performing, extending their talents and giving the audience the chance to feel the spirit of faith and fasting through the message of the play, all the difficult times I experienced in getting to the end result completely melted away. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and gave me a chance to use my talents and grow in them too. But like all other areas of my life, the place I love serving the most is teaching the children. I particularly love teaching the children singing and music. When I was 18, I served doing this for 4 years and at other times since then have been blessed to do it again. I love seeing their eyes sparkle when they learn a new song or feel the meaning of the lyrics they are singing. I think that when they sing there isn't a better sound in the world.