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Hi I'm Jon

I am an electrical engineer but I love to write songs, play the guitar and juggle. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I got a lot of musical experience in my upbringing which allowed me to participate in many choirs, rock groups and pop bands over the years. Songwriting has been one of my greatest interests but as the father of 4, I have recently established a more stable career for myself as an electrical engineer. I have found engineering fascinating and am eager to continue to develop my skills in this field. As a teenager I was commonly seen playing a guitar or performing juggling tricks and unicycling; I never would have imagined I would end up in this technical field but it has bloomed as a hidden talent which has opened many opportunities for me and my family. I currently work as an engineer while finishing a masters degree but I am also happy to exercise my musical abilities when I have the chance.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother converted to the church before I was born and I was taught the gospel as a child. In my teenage years my testimony of this church was strengthened by hearing the words of church leaders both in my local congregation and from the prophets and apostles but my testimony wasn't perfect. I knew the principles of the gospel were good and I saw in the lives of others the happiness which comes from embracing these principles. I was blessed to make friendships with some great people as I grew, this helped me day to day as I faced temptations and worked on overcoming my weaknesses. As an adult I have chosen to continue in this faith; my testimony and my life still aren't perfect but I remember that simple feeling I had since my youth that this gospel is good and that living these principles brings comfort and happiness. I have seen that this is true, not only in other's lives but in my own life as I become stronger spiritually. Not only do I believe that this gospel is good, but I also know that there is a plan for us which is a gift from God through his son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer. God loves us all and knows us all as individuals. He wants what's best for us and He can help us reach our best. This is what I've learned from the teachings of this church and it has been confirmed to me through The Spirit so I know that it is true and this is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I attend Sunday meetings with my family, we take the sacrament (bread and water symbolic of Christ's sacrifice for us) which reminds us of our covenant to live as representatives of Jesus Christ who sacrificed his mortal life so that all people on earth may have the opportunity to be forgiven and live in glory in the life which comes after this temporal life. I am a busy father and citizen of my community, spending a significant amount of time working and educating myself. I strive to be honest in all that I do and contribute meaningfully to benefit all those around me regardless of their faith, culture, nationality or beliefs. The temple is important because in the temple I have learned about my role as a child of God and how this life is an important step in my eternal progression. Sacred ordinances also occur in the temple which connect families together into eternity. Prayer and pondering is also important for me to maintain a spiritual focus. I believe that God communicates directly with us, his children. Often this communication is through prayer but it can be difficult to discern the message He is trying to communicate to us because we are distracted by the many things going on in our lives. I try to make quiet time in my life to allow this communication to happen, even if it's only a few minutes each day. We are making decisions all day long, every day; we have so many opportunities to define who we are by the choices we make. Being a Mormon to me means that I am free to make these choices and that based on what I choose, it will prove to me, to my God and to those around me what kind of person I really am. I choose to follow the teachings of Jesus which are found in scripture and taught by prophets of God. I choose to watch my words and actions, that they may be uplifting and virtuous. These choices bring freedom and happiness as I more dilligently make correct choices.