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Hi I'm Teage

I am a husband to the greatest woman ever and a father to three wonderful children. I enjoy working out. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the Church and was active until I was 18 years old. My parents were getting a divorce and I fell away from the Church based upon the actions of members, but not the Church itself. I always knew the Church was true, even though I wasn't attending on a regular basis. What changed for me was the passing of my Grandpa and the birth of my sister's first child. My Grandpa knew that Families are Forever and having him pass away was very hard. I had to know for myself if that was true. Around that same time, my sister became pregnant and she called and asked me to stand in on the circle when he was to receive his blessing. I knew what I had to do and so I decided to attend regularly. I attended Institue and found many life-long friends. I met my wife there and she is truly the greatest blessing in my life. My testimonies about families has only been strengthened through the birth of each of our kids and the loss of my older brother in a car accident. During each of these moments, Heavenly Father has both uplifted me and blessed me with a love and understanding beyond description. I know that I will see and be with my older brother once again and that, through the covenants that I have made with my Heavenly Father, I will be with my family forever. I also know that nothing comes easy in life and that you have to work hard for what you truly want in life.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church but never fully understood why I went to Church every Sunday, and later as a Youth, to Seminary and Youth night. I loved meeting new people, having good friends, but I never fully understood the importance of attending all of these things until I was much older. I remember setting some life goals when I was about 15. These included finishing college and then going on a mission, not getting married until I had graduated college, not having kids until I bought a home, and going on a mission with my wife when we were older. While attending school I was not actively going to Church. A few events changed that and I became fully excited in the Gospel with less than a year left in school. I knew that I needed to go on a mission before finishing school. I did and it was the best two years for my life. I learned patience, understanding, but most importantly, I gained a stronger testimony that I could lean on and not be afraid to share. I graduated school and got married a few months afterwards. We bought a home and had our first children a few years later. Some of those goals that I set at 15 were realized in time, but Heavenly Father's goals with me were a bit different for some of them. I'm a Mormon because I know that the teachings found within the Gospel are true. Jesus Christ is our Savior and that through him, everything is possible. Heavenly Father's plan is that we all can return and live with him, with our families, forever. The greatest joy that I've had here on this Earth are with the ones closest to me, and those are my family. I want to be with them forever and I know that His plan allows for it. I'm a part of that and I can't thank Him enough for giving me that knowledge of that one truth. I know He knows and loves me and is watching over me always.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being me. Heavenly Father has given all of us talents and it is up to us to find what those are and use them to better ourselves and those around us. For one, I'm not afraid to talk to people and to get to know them. I enjoy seeing other happy and being someone that they want to be around. The world can be such a negative place if we allow it to be, so I try really hard to be positive and uplift those around me. My wife and I also volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. Doing this helps put things into perspective for me. Seeing what this does to others, especially children, is very difficult for the both of us. We lost a very good friend to this disease a few years ago. Although there is no cure for it (yet :) we raise money every year through benefit auctions and donations. This gives me a great sense of accomplishment in knowing that I am helping someone that is no longer here. Our friends legacy lives on through what we are able to give. Also, through different assignments in the Church they have allowed me to give service to those that need it and uplift others when they are down.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Church Services are centered around the family and focus on family unity and individual growth. The first hour we are together with our families. We sing Hymns, partake of the sacrament and listen to youth and adult speakers fro the congregation. The next hour we attend Sunday School as adults and young adults and primary as youth. The last hour the men and women divide up and we are taught on how to be better husbands/fathers and wives/mothers. The three hours are a great way to worship together as a family, as a couple, and individually. And we welcome all visitors! Show more Show less