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Hi I'm Scott

I have two of the greatest kids a dad could ever have.

About Me

I am a general manager of a distribution center for a large garage door manufacturer. I have been married to my wife for 26 years. We met in college and eventually got married. When I asked her to marry me, I dressed up like a knight, road up on horse, and had a little boy carry the ring on a pillow. I did this at the bank were she worked. I guess she had to say yes with all that fanfair. We have two great kids, all grown up, who are good citizens and also active in the church. We love spending time together as a family, eating, playing games and hanging out. I love sports, especially basketball. I played on our high school team the only year our school has ever won the state championship. I've continued to play basketball and softball until recenlty when my knees got so bad that I had to cut back. I love music. I played the french horn and piano when I was younger and have always loved to sing. Now I sing in the choir when I get a chance. I ran for the school board a couple years ago and found out that it takes a lot more time and money than I thought to get your name out there. I learned a lot from that experience and think that I will try running for a public office again sometime soon. I love my wife and children with all my heart, and am grateful that we are a family.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a very young boy, we lived in Vermont. My dad was and is a Veterinarian and that time was working on large animals, mostly farm animals. The Mormon missionaries came trackting one day and my dad, being a seeker of truth, let them in. Mom wasn't so interested at this point, but she supported him so she let them come. He spent a lot of time listening and researching for himself, this gospel of Jesus Christ. Eventually he found out for himself that it was true and so he joined. It was a year or so later that my mom joined. We always went to church as a family, but she wasn't sure until she read the Book of Mormon and found out for herself and she was baptized. I was baptized when I was eight. Our family was always active and supportive while I was growing up. As I got older, I had questions about life and things, and even though I went to church all the time I decided I need to know for myself it was true. I decided to read the Book of Mormon with real intent and then pray to God for an answer of the truthfulness of not only the book, but if Joseph Smith was prophet. I did so, and had a sprititual experience that I know was an answer to my prayers. The answer that came to both my head and to my heart is that it is true! I have since realized that I always knew it was true, because it always felt right and good and made sense. For one, we can be together as families forever, that makes a lot of sense. I testify that I have had a personal witness of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that he lives. The Book of Mormon is the word lof God, as is the Bible. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and we have a prophet on the earth today in Thomas S. Monson. We also have Apostles as they did in Christs' day. The fulness of the Gospel is on the earth, and we can live happier and safer lives by following it's principles. I thank the Lord everyday for good parents that opened the door, and their hearts, so that I could find the truth for myself.

How I live my faith

At nineteen I had the opportunity to serve a mission to the great state of Utah. Your probably thinking that that is where the church headquarters are so why do they need missionaries there, but they do, and that is where I had to opportunity to share my testimony with people who didn't know who the Mormons are. After my mission, I went to college where I met my future wife and we were married in the Oakland Temple. Being married (sealed) in the Temple is a great blessing to families. There we are sealed together forever, to each other and to our children. I have had many different oportunities for service in the church. I have worked a lot with the youth, and I love the youth, they keep you young. I have also worked as a leader with adults in various capacities. Currently I am serving as a Bishop, who is like a pastor in other faiths, as the leader of a ward. A ward is a geographical area with boundries and eveyone who lives within those boundries comes to a specific ward. I have the opportunity to rub shoulders with, and council with amazing people in my ward, as well as others outside the ward. When my kids were younger I helped coach their teams, and had a wonderful time doing so. As a dad, some of my fondest memories are being there for my kids activities; sports, music, or special events. Serving others has been and is one of the core principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I enjoy serving others and count it a great blessing in my life, for in serving others you truly understand what Christlike love is, and you really do lose yourself in the service of others. It's always a good thing. Serving in the church has given me knowledge and experience and made me a better person, as well as helping me develop talents and skills that help me in whatever capacity or activity I might be involved in.