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Hi I'm Robert Seligman

I live in Anacortes, Washington State, USA. I'm a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love spending time with my family. They are all in the picture above. 20 years ago my back was broken in an accident. I was unable to work, walk, sit or rest but following a healing blessing from the Elders in our church, I am now able to walk, swim and enjoy my life and family. I have three daughters, two granddaughters and one grandson. My oldest daughter is a hairdsresser in our town and has given me one granddaughter and one grandson. My middle daughter is moving around the country with her Coast Guard husband protecting our waterways and they have given me one granddaughter so far. My youngest daughter is a Senior in high school here in Anacortes, Washington and she is on the cusp of an incredible future. My wife and I have seen fortunes made and fortunes lost, over and over again. We live by "Easy come, easy come again!" but the one thing we now know to be the most important thing in all the eternities is that we can have eternal, everlasting relationships with our family here on earth, our Father in heaven and his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Perfect Lord and Savoir. It has been such a blessing to know with absolue certainty that we will be with our loved ones again even after death...to know that this earthly life is but a speck of time in relationship to the incredible span of all eternity and that we will endure as a family in eternity if we strive to keep the commandments of a loving Father in Heaven is a blessing I am so thankful for.

Why I am a Mormon

Since I can remember, I've been searching for the truth. My father was raised in a Jewish orphanage and was a not practising any religon when I was born. My mother also was not practicing any religon and I was left to search for truth on my own. I remember reading all manner of books on the subject of religon and wondering if there was any way to know for certain "The Truth" if there was such a thing. I read about Christianity, Bhutism, Hinduism, New ageism, etc., etc., etc..I took a class on mind and was instructed to invite two councellors into my mental laboritory. I spcecifically remember Jesus Christ coming up out of the water in my mind and always remembered him as if he was always there waiting for me to ask him in. Many years went by and my wife & I were searching together to find the truth and we both were having regular visits from The Holy Ghost as we were studying the Book of Mormon. Within a short period, we were both converted and were baptised members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We had found the absolute Truth! It wasn't until we had the undeniable experences with the Holy Ghost that we knew the truth. The exact church that Jesus Christ set up upon the earth was perfectly restored, was on the earth, and we were members. We have been so happy ever since...it's been over 25 years and we have never looked back...we have never waivered...It's so good to be home and to be with a family of over 15 million brothers and sisters all over the world. I remember so many nights pleading to God to show me the truth...I'm so happy to have found the truth. I'm so happy to know without a doubt I have a loving Father in Heaven who knows and loves me even though I not perfect yet and I am so happy to know I have an elder brother, even Jusus Christ, who loves me in my unperfected state and has atoned for my sins and showed me how I can live in love in the eternities with Him, our Father and our families...forever and ever in love & happiness!

How I live my faith

I love having a sure way to live. To have the truth in my life gives me an assurance that my actions can help not only me and my family, but the whole family of man...our Heavenly Father's family. Knowing that all people are our brothers and sisters colors all my actions. We are taught to love everyone. We are taught not to judge others. We are taught to turn the other cheek. We are even taught to love those that use and abuse us. Sometimes it is hard to do, but I have personally seen miracles occur when love is shown to those that abuse us. It's actually a very freeing way to live...to truly love everyone you meet. We have prophets today guiding our actions and giving us guidence and protection from the evils of the world. I love having the Holy Spirit to guide us...it's one of my main goals each day to live in such a way as to have the guidence of the Holy Spirit each and every day. It is a great way to live!