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Hi I'm Brian

I live for spending time outdoors. After years of waiting, I'm a new father of a beautiful daughter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Colorado and have lived here most of my life. I spent two years as a child living in England which was a great experience, learning from another culture and developing some very unique traits in the process. I also spent 2 years serving a mission in southern California. I played soccer growing up as well as basketball and track and field events. I've always enjoyed outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, boating, etc. At the age of 22 I met a wonderful Christian girl of another faith. We spent months discussing our beliefs and although in the beginning our differences seemed significant, after a time we found our values/morals/beliefs were virtually one in the same. In a search for someone to spend the rest of my life with, I wanted to find a woman who believed in Jesus Christ, and also someone who had a desire to live a life of purpose. My fiancee came to believe that her faith in Christ was only magnified in the Mormon faith. My spouse was baptized into the faith and a year later we were married. We have now been married for 7 years and just recently had our first child, a beautiful baby girl. She is now 7 months old, healthy and strong. It took time for us to have kids, and perhaps the wait just makes me appreciate her all the more. I spend my time at work in a management role and enjoy coming up with ideas and creative approaches to our business. I am a news junkie and love increasing my knowledge in all subjects. Go CSU!

Why I am a Mormon

I've had a number of specific experiences in my life that have allowed me to see things more clearly. Others may call such experiences chance or luck, I prefer to call them Devine Intervention. Such experiences have helped to confirm the faith that started as a small seed within me. I am like most people, in that I want to discover things in my own, learn through my own experiences, my own ponderings and thoughts. As I've spent time alone in thought I've consistently felt an inner prompting, pushing me forward, enlightening my understanding. We live in a very hectic world that constantly wants to convince us that this world and this life is the only one worth living. It takes concious thought and will to pull ourselves out of this daily atmosphere. When I'm at work I have a window seat. At times I am very busy, things can frustrate me, I may be struggling with a problem we can't seem to overcome...and then I look outside and force myself to stare at the sky, the clouds, the trees, the grass, birds as they fly by, the rabbits that have invaded our parking lot...in these moments I pull myself out of the world and in looking out the window I feel as if I am reminding my spirit what it means to live. Sure, there is some momentary beauty in success at work, but looking out the window I not only see real beauty, but I feel it. God can provide an inner peace that I can't find elsewhere. I am grateful for these subtle reminders when I am work of Gods existence, or real beauty, and of what really matters. The Gospel of Jesus Christ affords me peace, enlightenment and purpose. I will always be thankful that I was blessed to have a chance to learn of the message of Jesus Christ and my plan here on Eearth.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in the following ways: I read out of the scriptures daily for a reminder of my purpose and for instruction. I say prayers morning and night, often with my spouse. When either of us is struggling with work, our daughter, or we have concern for a family member or friend, we spend time praying together to ask for our Heavenly Fathers help and guidance. We also make sure we offer prayers or gratitude and thanks. I spend time working with the teenage boys in our local congregation. I find the time spent with them to be very worth while. As a youth I needed older men I could look up to and learn from. Now that i am in that role, I try and do what i can to be their friend, a good example, and a listening ear when needed. Youth of any faith these days struggle to live their values and I am very impressed that so many Christians in our community make good decisions and stand up for what is right. I have a handful of families I get to spend time with in our local congregation. Spending time with others that share similar values is great, although these families are all very different, it's been great for me to learn from them and feel a great spirit in their homes. At times we get to spend time in our local communities providing service. I've enjoyed contributing my time to very worthwhile causes. My wife and I really enjoy our local community and are grateful there are others of good faiths that are also doing their part to create a good atmosphere to raise a family.