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Hi I'm Jim.

I’m a former musician who is now a mainframe computer programmer. I also umpire fast pitch softball. And I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in San Diego while my father was in the Navy during WW-II. At the end of the war my father returned with my mother and me to the Phoenix area where he had grown up, so I grew up as a “desert rat”. I had the privilege of serving a two year mission in Scotland. Being of Scots descent, this was a special opportunity and blessing for me. I loved music while I was in school and was studying to teach music in the schools. However, my draft board had other ideas so I wound up in the Air Force – as a musician. Looking back, I’m grateful for that because while I was stationed in Germany I met my wife who was also in the Air Force. She and I have been blessed with two children and so far two grandchildren. While I serving in the Air Force I eventually retrained into computers as a mainframe programmer and have been doing that ever since. I have officiated amateur sports for many years, refereeing/umpiring basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball at the high school level. A number of years ago, when I had advanced to the upper levels of fast pitch softball, I withdrew from umpiring baseball to concentrate on working fast pitch softball at the travel ball, high school, and college levels. I have had the good fortune to umpire in six states, as well as in three ASA Fast Pitch national championship tournaments, one each for girls, women, and men.

Why I am a Mormon

Though both my parents were members of the church we rarely went to church until I was nearly nine years of age. Like all who actively embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, I had to learn for myself the accuracy and truthfulness of what is taught within the church. For me, this did not come as some great manifestation. Rather, it came little by little, as I strove to live the commandments of God, ponder the scriptures, pray for guidance and follow the Savior’s counsel in John 7:17, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” When I first started umpiring I could quote rule, section, paragraph, note, effect, and exception word for word; and in retrospect, I was a poor umpire because I didn’t really understand the rules that I could quote verbatim. It wasn’t until I learned to search for the reasons behind each rule – what was its purpose and what was it designed to achieve – that I began to advance as an umpire. I have learned that the same holds true in all else that we do, including studying the scriptures, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the church. Merely learning to quote chapter and verse doesn’t really help us as much as we would like to think; we need to dig further and learn what the Lord is trying to convey to us, and then strive to apply it in our lives. That is when we begin to gain the understanding that we need to have to truly live our lives in conformity with the example of our Savior. It is from this study, this searching to understand what the scriptures are saying, what the Lord is trying to tell us, that I have come to have the testimony that I do today that I am on the path that our Savior, Jesus Christ, wants me to follow. I consider myself to be most blessed to have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement in our behalf. I also feel blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

Umpiring has given me many opportunities to show my faith by the way I conduct myself on the field. During the heat of a game people sometimes say or do things that they are embarrassed about later. Trying to conduct myself in the manner which the Savior conducted Himself during His mortal ministry will usually defuse the situation. I have learned, for example, that a soft word does much more to ease tension than responding to belligerency with more belligerency. I haven’t reached the level of the Savior yet but I’m striving to do so and as I improve, I find that I have fewer problems on the field, in my family and home, and in my employment, as well as in all other aspects of my life.