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Hi I'm Brian.

I'm a college student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love traveling and getting to know new places, but because I'm a college student most of the places I have visited are local. My favorite places to visit are those that are tucked away and hidden to those who aren't willing to make the journey because those are usually the places that contain the most beauty. When I find a beautiful place like that, I love revisiting it with my friends and family. I want to share it. I have been fortunate enough to have a few foreign experiences in South Korea and in Brazil. My visit to Korea was purely touristic and I loved learning the history and culture of that country. My experience in Brazil was as an intern, teaching a course on entrepreneurship and helping aspiring entrepreneurs create business plans. I developed a love for that country, its culture, and its people. My passion for learning about and understanding different cultures is evidenced by my studies in school: I am majoring in International Relations.

Why I am a Mormon

The biggest reason why I am a Mormon is because I know that life is one journey I can't do alone. I can't always know the consequences of my actions and it's nice having Someone who knows what those consequences are and who will guide me to make decisions that will leave me happy and fulfilled and who will warn me when a decision will leave me miserable and discontented. After I was baptized and given what we call the gift of the Holy Ghost, I became entitled to the constant companionship of God's influence and direction in my life. This is not an exclusive gift that only I am entitled to. God has promised this gift to all of mankind that commit to living His laws. When I find myself having made a mistake, even after I have ignored God's warnings, He always has a way back. It is through repentance. Repentance is recognizing and feeling sorrowful for acting against God's laws and counsel. It is a changing of your ways so that you are walking again on God's path of happiness and fulfillment. Repentance is made possible through Jesus Christ. I can't achieve complete happiness and fulfillment without God. When I let my decisions be influenced by Him, when I make a mistake and am humble enough to recognize that the Lord's way is best, I honestly feel that happiness and that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that is complete and without void.

How I live my faith

I served as a full-time missionary, teaching people in California about God's laws and how to find purpose and complete happiness in life. I learned Spanish so that I could communicate with people in both Spanish and English. My time as a missionary was voluntary and I received no pay, just as the rest of the leaders and teachers in the church are unpaid. We serve without pay because we have a strong conviction that the laws of God which we live are true. While I was living in Brazil one summer, I was asked to teach Sunday school in Portuguese to youth from ages 12 to 18. At the time, my Portuguese was a work in progress, but with the help from the Lord, the patience of the students, and the Spirit that filled the room, we were all able to learn the truths of God. The Lord often asks us to serve in a way that causes us to stretch and God helps us to grow to fill the responsibility. I am currently serving as a missionary leader in my community and love the opportunity to share what I consider an invaluable gift with others.