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Hi I'm Paige

I write books. I love to dance with children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Happily Ever After still happens in real life. Yep. People who love each other can stay married -- and like it! We've spent a couple of decades doing just that, and we're working on a couple more. An important turning point in my personal life came when I rejected the notion that my personal worth was equivalent to my net worth. That's when I came up with a new life plan: what if I became a professional idealist? What would that look like? I took what came handy -- a set of children's stories I wrote over the course of ten years, and made them into the seed to start a thriving children's book company: Flip Side Fairy Tales. I wanted kids living in this decade to see marriages that continued to be Happily Ever After well beyond the fancy ball or the first baby. Even though Jesus Christ is never a main character in the fairy tales we produce, His teachings are there, like a colorful backdrop for all the action. Life's possibilities just get better and better when the foundation for everything is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

At age eighteen, I realized it was time to select my own moral code. I was raised by devout LDS parents who, I was confident, would love me as their daughter no matter what religious path I took. I spent the necessary time to consider, study, and think about my choice. Most importantly, I prayed. When I began the spiritual questioning, I expected to depart from the path of my parents in favor of an academic detachment. The more carefully I examined the world and my own desires, the more happily I realized I agreed with the teachings of my childhood. I committed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as cheerfully as I've ever done anything. It has been a choice worth savoring. Most of the things I treasure in my present life have come to me because I kept to a good path first marked by Jesus Christ, and followed by my wonderful parents.

How I live my faith

Attending three hours of church? Yes. I do that. I stuck to it when health issues might have kept me home; the social effort was tremendous, and I wouldn't really feel physically well until Tuesday, but I knew the spiritual rewards were worth it. In this year of my life, with wonderful health, and a happy family, I try to contribute in every way possible. I welcome newcomers to church, bake the occasional meal for an ailing friend, visit people who need a little cheer, and teach my children to pay attention to Jesus Christ. He really is "the way, the truth, and the life." Having the happiness of that message always in my soul makes me able to serve others with a glad heart.

What is the difference between attending church and the temple?

For an anaolgy, visiting church is like grabbing your best friends and going to the carnival when it comes to town -- fun and satisfying. Visiting the temple is like visiting a major theme park: more and better stuff, but you probably don't know everyone there. I'm not meaning any disrespect (to theme parks, carnivals, churches or temples) but there's an extra level of satisfaction in going to the temple. It's an experience that just can't be duplicated outside those walls. I could live the rest of my life happily without going on any rides again, but I simply don't want to consider going without church or temple attendance. The degree of happiness is so much greater than amusement. It's joy. Being at church gives me an optimism for the rest of the week that I couldn't contrive with all the self-help books in an entire library. Being in the temple gives me a peace I carry away through those stormy patches of life when things break, people bug me, health problems crop up, or life threatens to get overwhelming. I'm not overwhelmed as long as I have frequent visits in the temple to secure my anchor to the real source of peace: Jesus Christ and his atonement. Show more Show less