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Hi I'm Shawna

I'm a wife, mother of six, a RN serving as a Luietentant Commander in the United States Public Health Service, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a farm girl at heart. I was raised on 650 acres in rural Arkansas with 9 brothers and 4 sisters and love my large family. As a youth I loved sports in school. I can still be found shooting hoops sometimes and serving volleyball among friends and family. My husband and I have been blessed to have six great kids. I love being their fan and mom. On a quiet day I love to watch a good movie or work in my yard. Occasionally I enjoy a good book. I started nursing school with four children and finished with six and have been a registered nurse for over 14 years now. I like people and find great joy in helping people find and feel their worth. I dream of serving a mission one day when I can retire with my sweetheart.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been blessed to be raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have felt the love of my Father in Heaven and my Savior since a small child. My heart then knew what my head did not. I have continued to have experiences as I have read, studied, prayed, and searched in which my heart has burned and has brought my mind to understand truth. Truth does set one free; free from all the deceptions of the world and its counterfeits. The gospel of Jesus Christ has always kept me directed and centered in life. It is not without temptations or trials, I've had my share. However, I can also say that the closer I live to the truths I have learned, the happier and more free I feel. I have learned that there is absolutely no replacement. There is nothing the world can offer that brings lasting, eternal love and peace as does my family and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone who wants this way of life CAN have it! I know with all my heart and soul that God does live. He hears and answers prayers. I know that the Book of Mormon works hand in hand with the Bible and testifies to us the world that the Savior did live. That he did establish his gospel here on this earth. I know the more we pattern our life after His: a life of faith, love, service, sacrifice, forgiveness, a life of charity, the more we find truth and happiness in our own. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is my life and I love it!

How I live my faith

The alarm goes off, immediately I think "Ok Father in Heaven, what needs done today?" and I begin to review in my mind the things my family are doing and need, the things I know I am scheduled for, what needs paid or done at home, who do I need to help today. As I dress and ready myself I let my mind think and ponder on these types of things. Then before waking anyone else I kneel down or sit quietly on the edge of my bed and pray. If I didn’t hit the snooze too many times I even have time to sit in the recliner and read my scriptures or one of the lessons for Sunday or the Ensign magazine. I wake the kids, start breakfast, make my lunch, wake my husband to take the kids to seminary. We all head out the door around six to two different cars. Sometimes with the morning rush, family prayer is me standing by the van window while everyone else sits with arms folded in the van. Driving to work the prayer in my heart/pondering continues. Before getting out of my car I pray to be safe as a nurse and guided in the care that I give. Occasionally during work I get impressions in answers to my prayers and pondering of things I need to do or people I should call and check on which I do some on my breaks but usually it is on my way home in the car. I get home. Check on kids/homework/chores, run to music lessons, figure out what’s for dinner and follow up on things that still need done. Stop in and check on a sister I felt impressed to see. Deliver a meal. Help someone move/pack. Attend a church meeting. Visit with a friend. Grocery shop. Chill at home with kids and husband. Attend a Scout activity or Young Women's event with our son/daughter. Finally, it’s family prayers and bed. Every evening one or more of these types of things are going on. Life is full, busy, rewarding, and guided everyday by my Father in Heaven. Like everyone I get stressed out or tired too and need to have a night /day off. I take it then get right back at it; making His business, my business. This is Joy.