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Hi I'm Michael Samaeli

Life is meaningful when you have a map of where we came from, why we're here and where we're going. For me that map is my Church.

About Me

My wife Tania Brass has been by my side since we got married in 1991. Like most couples we have had our fare share of ups and downs which have strengthened our relationship throughout the years. Some of the painful trials we endured involve the passing of our loved ones. Both sets of our parents have already departed this life including the sudden death of my brother Davidson who died at the age of 29 years. Tania's sister Mel died at the age of 35 after much suffering to Motor Neuron disease leaving behind her cherished husband and three girls. When a loved one is suddenly taken from you, one can't help but wonder what is life's purpose "Why are w e here?" and "Does life really end when we die?" Any parent who has experienced the miracle of creating life or someone who has felt deeply in love and then that person is unexpectedly taken will realise it makes no sense for life to end we die. Life continues after we die all made possible by the Creator of this world who planned an infinite atonement before this world was created. According to John 1 Jesus Christ is the creator and Author of Salvation. He is the Alfa and Omega and has overcome the two obstacles that prevent us from being in Heavenly Father's presence - sin and death. Christ's life and fulfilment of his mission allows him to forgive sins of the repentant and resurrect everyone of us in our perfect form. As a result Christ's great act of love enables of us continue to love those closest to us forever and ever.

Why I am a Mormon

I have visited a number of churches during my late teenage years. Yet none of them could answer my down to earth questions. They all claimed to worship almighty God but I didn't feel they had the complete truth. Well, not to me anyway. Thus began my quest to find a religion that mirrored the teachings and principles of Christ. As an engineer I have a great appreciation for physical laws, like what goes up must come down. I have marvelled of the stories of Jesus Christ and how He had power to oppose physical laws like defying the law of gravity. His ability to walk on water and angels descending and ascending with out powered devices. The ability of Christ and his disciples to heal rare blood diseases instantly. Evil spirits know him by name and obey his commands. The ability to unblock the ears of the deaf, restoring sight to the blind and my favourite, the power to restore life to the deceased. It is logical to assume that power to repair the human anatomy must be linked to the creator of our bodies. Any seeker of truth would marvel and come to the realization that if Christ defied laws discovered by the greatest minds of our time, then there must exist higher eternal laws that are unknown to us at this present point in time. But God being an all wise being can not entrust such sacred power and knowledge to those who can not appreciate it and therefore only through the demonstration of faith by good works, believing that these things will be received can we unfold the mysteries of God. If there is one God, and he sent his Son Jesus Christ to atone for the world then there must exist one Church undefiled by the hands of men that preaches truth and things pertaining to the eternities. I believe I have found the Church of Jesus Christ, identical to the one He organised when he was on the earth and by living by its teachings has brought me much joy and happiness.

How I live my faith

As a Mormon I volunteer my time and service in building the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. None of us Mormons including our clergy are paid in the church. We all invest our best efforts in fulfilling certain responsibilities. We are a people who build our faith through good works and serving others. We are not perfect but we strive to improve our lives. We believe the purpose of this life is for us to prepare to meet God. Jesus said "For behold this is my work and Glory to bring to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of man". Our leaders seek inspiration to call us to various positions in the church. As a result I have served in different capacities. For one season I have began teaching church fundamentals to primary aged children. As my faith developed I progressed to lead the Elders Quorum (men aged between 19 years and over). Another season I have served in the Bishopric and my current responsibility is to teach Primary children. Being a member of this church requires its members to live a strict health code. This means we refrain from Coffee and Tea. No alcohol except for medicinal purposes. We don't smoke cigarettes or take illicit drugs. The church encourages us to treat our bodies like temples so we don't encourage tattoos.

What is faith?

Michael Samaeli
In my experience, faith has always been the precursor to my greatest blessings. Like riding a bike the more you ride it, the better you get. And once you have learned this skill, it only get's better and appreciated more as you continue to exercise it. Faith is having a hope and reliance on a higher power to teach pure and undefiled truth. The results in exercising faith is improved knowledge, recognising the comforter (The Holy Ghost) and the feelings he places in your heart and sometimes in your thoughts, finally the fact that you are child of the most supreme being in all the Heavens and this is his method of communication, in this life and in the life to come. Perfect this skill and you will have so much the advantage in this world and in the world to come. Show more Show less