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Hi I'm jeanne

I grew up in NJ where I became a mormon and raised 3 children.

About Me

I have 3 kids, We didn't go to church often until we found the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. I was divorced and worked many types of jobs to support my family. We moved alot. I learned the guitar and wrote songs to entertain my children and their friends. I enjoyed singing, helping troubled children and rescuing animals and got involved with defending those who could not. I was quite physically strong for a woman so didn't feel I was in danger. With all I was able to do, phyically, I felt something was missing, yet, didn't understand what. I began reading the bible, which I only touched when dusting, to look for answers. I began to find comfort in the teachings of Jesus and put forth and effort to apply them hoping my kids would follow my example. As I learned I realized only one church could be HIS.

Why I am a Mormon

When I read in the bible where God is the same yesterday, today...then where was his church. late one night I kneeled in prayer petitioning God for guidance and understanding, a code of ethics for myself and children. A voice began to speak into my mind giving me guidance. For a week I thought about what had taken place that night. told no one. I decided to follow the words spoken to me. it seemed as if I were being pushed or encouraged to do so and received more guidance as I completed each directive. As each "assignment" came to pass I began to gain confidence in the " voice" I was shown as group of people and wanted to be a part of them. But it was not time. Then, in October of 1977 the words spoke strongly into my mind. Seek ye the kingdom of God. I searched the scriptures yet found no help. Asked different people and was told the kingdom of God was within me. NO. I thought to myself. This voice has been correct in every directive why would it be wrong now.? I began to search going to different churches knowing the building needed to have HIS name on it or Jesus. The words, seek the kingdom of God, repeated in my mind as I sat in front of a church and asked, " is this your kingdom?" THEN, Janurary 9th 1978. a saturday, 8:30 pm, as I prayed for more guidance, I was shown what street to drive. With in a short time I passed a building and noticed the words 'Jesus Christ'. Within seconds the voice spoke, "thats it, go back" My 10 year old daughter in the passenger seat, only hearing my side of a conversation, got excited when I told her this is it. We drove to the back of the building, went down a long hallway, asked to sit in the chapel. As we stepped through the doorway an overwhelming experience took place within both of us. happy birthday merry christmas happy new year is how it felt. then a deep, quiet, peace. And the words, ' you are home, this is the kingdom of God, do what you must to become one of them and do it quickly. I DID!

How I live my faith

I give encouragement by showing people how living the gospel principles has helped in my life. This prompts them to not give up and to have hope and try. I opened a failed business. Through applying the gospel it succeeded. A reading and work program for the youth was put together using the profits