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Hi I'm Britton

I have three awesome younger brothers, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in southeast Washington State enjoying the wonderful summers of wakeboarding and swimming in the rivers, and winters of snowboarding with my brothers and friends in the Cascades. I am the oldest of 4 boys, I have an awesome Mom and Dad who are super patient! I did musical theater when I was in High School and enjoyed participating in many productions both in school and in the community. I love playing video games and spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy fishing, surfing, and shooting guns. I am always eager to experience more of the wonderful natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest. I love dogs, Samoyeds especially, and my family has a fat pug named Buster.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have experienced the cleansing power of the Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and from these experiences and much searching and prayer I recieved a sure answer from my Heavenly Father that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His church. I am far from perfect and during my teenage years I struggled to live the teachings of the Church. I failed to live up to the promises and covenants I made and I felt the weight of sin, the guilt and sorrow associated with my actions and their consequences, upon my soul. I felt trapped, trapped in a life of dispair as one who felt could never have pure joy or lasting peace. I was blessed to make some wonderful friends whom when I confided in them directed me back to the foundational teachings that I learned in my youth. They encouraged me and shared their testimonies, their personal witnesses of Christ, and in their words and in the words of the Prophets and my parents as I pondered, I began to take comfort and courage and decided to make the changes that I had long been procrastinating. The process wasn't easy, and it was certainly not something I would have been able to accomplish without my loving parents and my wonderful friends along the way, but I was able to make it through and I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me that my sins had been forgiven. Even as I now write and reconsiter the events of those past years I am filled with gratitude to my Savior and to all those who acted as His hands in helping me and lifting me and knowing when to let me struggle and grow. Only God and His Son, Jesus Christ, could have seen my path and truly directed me and helped me overcome both the sorrow and eternal consequences of sin. I know my Father knows me and I know He loves me. I feel His spirit work within me, prompting me to do better, work harder, and correct my faults. How could I deny something that I have experienced and in all reality changed me for the better? I can't. Never.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by simply striving to be Christ-like. Each morning I set out to render service to my fellow brothers and sisters and to show charity towards those that I am blessed to encounter through out my day. I try to make kinder, wiser, love-motivated choices... its always a struggle. As a missionary for the church, I have spent the last year and a half of my life working to help spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help everyone understand that the Gospel and its principles when lived and applied in our lives, have the power to change us, bring us peace, overcome the tyranny and taint of sin, and help us to obey our Savior's greatest commandment to us... "Come follow me..." The Gospel is simple yet beautiful: Faith in Jesus Christ unto Repentance - a willing change of heart and actions, bringing our will in line with God the Father's as we seek forgiveness, help, and guidance. Through baptism by immersion at the hands of those who are in authority to administer this ordinance we show our Father in Heaven that we are willing to take Christ's name upon ourselves -literally to do His works and will- and covenant with God to be a witness of the Messiah's divinity in all times, all things, and all places. Through the blessing that follows baptism we are given the Gift of the Holy Ghost by our Heavenly Father. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is the right to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost as long as we are willing to keep the Commandments which God has given to us. With the constant guidance of our Father through His Holy messenger, we are able to recieve inspiration and help from our Father and truly live the way Christ lived. These are the principles that Christ preached to His disciples during His mortal Ministry, and continue to provide us the way that we are to dilligently follow to in order to qualify to return to live with Him again.