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Hi I'm Dallin Scott

I'm from Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada, and i am a Mormon. I grew up in the LDS church until i prayed and got an answer it is true

About Me

Im single in my 20s. I love sports i played rugby for 3 years and football for 9. I love racquet sports tennis, racquet ball, squash etc. I love books that is a passion of mine i figured if i could be snowed in to any one building for a week a library would do. I buy books by the series and generally cant fall asleep unless i crack a book open. From Edgar Allen Poe to Frank Herbert's dune or from Robert Jordan's wheel of time to Jared Diamonds gun germs and steel if i'm not currently reading a book ill pick it up an give it a chance. When i was 9 years old my brother was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I had him for 6 1/2 more years then i watched him pass away.Ever since then I've had an interested in medicine and helping others through difficult times and hope to pursue a researching or treating cancer patients. Ive participated in the Kids cancer care foundation of Alberta activities attended many of their camps. Ive met many wonderful cancer patients and have fond memories of playing the hospital with the other kids or with my sick brother. Both my parents are divorced and remarried and including step kids i have about 14 siblings. Just like any family growing up we never get along and argue over such things as who uses the computer or who gets the car. My favorite times are when i get to be with my brothers and we goof around play board games go to movies just whatever, as long as its with my brothers it doesn't really matter what were doing.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a Mormon but never believed it. As a child i avoided it at all costs and put up a fight ever single Sunday not to go. Growing older i didn't live its teachings or believe in the book of Mormon so i never read it. When i was 8 my brother was diagnosed with cancer and from the ages of 8-15 i decided to do my own thing. At age 15 i watch my brother pass-away and at that point i believed their was no god. I had watched many around me suffer and suffered many things myself and swore that even if their was a god i wanted nothing to do with him. For 3 years i associated myself with no religions because i thought they were all lies. I went through the rest of my high school years with this void this emptiness inside. I tried filling it with other things hobbies and interests relationships but nothing filled that, the pain of my broken family and the loss of my brother hurt just as much during my high school years as it did right then. I talked with people of other faiths but just couldn't believe what they did it just didn't feel right. I attended some activities with friends at other church's, but nothing quite filled the hole or helped with my internal pains. One day i was invited to come to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I was cynical and didn't really want to go but i figured i would go back just to say i did. The minute i walked back into the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints that hole i had been trying to fill closed and that pain i have been trying to get rid of eased for the first time in 3 years. I felt a wave of comfort come over me and i was happy, happier then i had been in my entire life. I am a Mormon because it answers the question will i see my family again. I prayed and got an answer yes i will see my family again. Then i read the book of Mormon and prayed is this book true and got an answer that i know was from god that this is his church, he put the book of Mormon on earth, to know if this is his church.

How I live my faith

Currently I'm serving a Mission in Colorado. I live it by trying to share with others whats so important to me. We help out were ever we are needed. before i came out on my mission in our local congregation i organized fun activities for the young adults ages 18-29. I was able to serve as a ward missionary in my hometown. I try to live by example each day doing a little better then the day before trying to follow the example our savior Jesus Christ set for us. People matter Christ knew that and i try to ease a little bit of pain in the world by lending a helping hand were i can.