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Hi I'm James

I'm an engineer who grew up in Mississippi. I have way too many interests, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Mississippi, spent two years as a missionary in Romania, graduated in Computer Engineering, and have been working for Lockheed Martin ever since. I love writing, reading, board games, basketball, music-making, math (sometimes more than others), and a host of other things. The world has an absurd amount to offer, and that's generally a good thing.

Why I am a Mormon

I was fortunate enough to have parents who showed me, growing up, how fulfilling life can be when lived according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, of course, I moved away from home, and had to make my own decisions regarding what I would devote my time and energies to. There are a lot of things competing for both, but I've repeatedly found that prioritizing the practices advocated by my Heavenly Father, and continually remaining open to divine suggestion, brings me consistently the greatest happiness, peace, and fulfillment of any choices I've ever made. I have felt many times throughout my life the unmistakable sensation of what I have learned to identify as the Spirit of God. It has routinely guided my decisions for the better, and reaffirmed my knowledge that my Savior lives and that he and my Heavenly Father love me and provide me with everything I need to experience an ultimately excellent life, and to continue pushing forward and progressing beyond death and into eternity. We aim high, as Mormons, and look far into the future -- and I find that inspiring and wonderful. Even more wonderful is how the best future, the best past, and the best present are not mutually-exclusive, and rather are all guaranteed by following the same divine teachings. Doing what will make me and others the happiest now, is also what will ensure the greatest eternal joy. It is a marvelous comfort to know this, and to have confidence in the purposes of existence, and how to achieve them. I love knowing that my family and associations don't end with this life, and that I can continue to be with the people I care about, and to do good things with my resources -- and thus feel good -- forever.

How I live my faith

I don't know who I'd be if I hadn't decided to frame my life around the church and teachings of Jesus Christ, but I am certainly better off because of it. The faith I belong to and hold dear constantly reminds me of how I can improve and become a happier, more content, and more useful person. Even more importantly, it assists me in being less selfish. The church has extraordinary mechanisms in place to help us aid and serve and support each other, and some of the greatest joys of my life have resulted from opportunities I've encountered as a result. It is always so very rewarding to assist people locally or remotely by providing physical, emotional, spiritual, or whatever form of assistance is useful. I find it remarkable how every day I can communicate directly with my Heavenly Father by praying. It's great to be able to discuss what's going on -- what I'm doing and planning -- with someone who is perfectly loving and perfectly wise. The feelings and thoughts that come to me in the course of and as a result of prayer have been invaluable for me -- not only guidance and direction, but comfort, assurance, and a sense of peace when I've needed it most. The best part of being a follower of Jesus Christ is that he gives me honest-to-goodness fresh starts, as many as I need, as long as I'm sincere. He allows improvements I make in my mindset and behavior to be meaningful, because he is able to lift the emotional and spiritual consequences of my past mistakes so they don't continue to hold me back. I am so grateful that his love led him to pay the enormous price he did to let me have another chance, every time I need one. I am grateful that my religion encourages me to embrace all truth, from any source. Through the course of my life, I have grown to increasingly appreciate the knowledge I've gained through both the scientific and the divine. It is a fine thing to have so many learning avenues, from textbooks to scriptures and from professors to prophets.