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Hi I'm Sarah Leigh

I'm recently married. I speak Latvian and a little Russian. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Last summer I married my husband in the Draper Temple. It was a glorious experience. I love knowing that I'm married to this man for eternity and that no matter what happens in this life, I know I'll get to be with him forever. We live in Utah with our two dogs. We love spending time outside, especially hiking. I currently manage an art gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. It is a personal gallery for an LDS artist. The work is of LDS temples, church history, but also a wide variety of landscapes. It is such a great environment to work. I love sharing the artwork with people who come into the gallery. I feel like I have a chance to share the joy that I have found in the gospel with them. I love telling them the stories associated with the different pieces that are near and dear to my heart. I served a mission in Latvia for 18 months. Latvia is a small country in Eastern Europe. I loved my time there. I returned almost 2 years ago. I have 5 siblings and I'm the second oldest. One thing I've learned from my family is hard work. Every Saturday we weren't out playing like everyone else. We were either landscaping, cleaning the house, or doing one of the endless odd jobs. I learned growing up how to have fun while I work. My family members are my best friends. I love music and the arts. I have played piano for ten years and find a lot of joy in the creation of music. I also love photography and Photoshop. I plan to b a graphic designer some day.

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been going to church. My parents always set a good example of what it meant to be Mormon. I haven't always had a testimony. I've always agreed in the standards they set forth, but sometimes as a child I doubted whether there was a God that loved me. As I got into high school and life got busy, I asked my dad what he did to manage a busy life, and he said he relied on the Lord. I took his advice and found out for myself that there is a God in heaven that loves me, and he helped me make it through all the woes of high school. I'm a Mormon because I love the love that his gospel and he holds for me. I've never felt stronger love than that which I feel from my Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

I've done a lot of things to live my faith. My favorite thing was teaching 6 and 7 year-old children about their Savior and Heavenly Father who loves them. I love seeing their faces as they learn something new, and it means something to them. I also love listening to their stories. Little kids have the best stories. I also live my faith by serving others. I'm glad that we have service. By serving other, I learn more about myself. Every winter I helped to shovel snow for the elderly that lived around me. As I provided this service I learned that I love work, and I love the snow. I also loved talking to these wonderful old men and ladies and hearing the great stories they have. They really have a lot of lessons to share and I love learning from them. Ultimately I live my faith just by smiling and loving everyone I come in contact with.

What is the Relief Society?

Sarah Leigh
The Relief Society is an organization for woman 18 years and older. It was organized to help provide woman with a place to be to not only learn more about the gospel and grow their faith, but to provide love and friendship. I love attending Relief Society activities because I feel such love from everyone their. The women who are called to be the Relief Society presidents are called of God, and lead and love the women as God would want them too. They really care and think about each one of the women who they are called to serve. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Sarah Leigh
Being a Mormon brings great joy to my life! I look forward to every day knowing that I'm not in this world alone. I have a sisterhood and brotherhood through the church as well as my family who I will be with for eternity, but I also have my Heavenly Father who is always watching out for me and cares about me. I am never ever truly alone. It provides such great comfort to have an eternal perspective that the church provides. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Sarah Leigh
I have been a missionary and it was a great opportunity to help others. I love everyone that I get the opportunity to teach. All missionaries share a message of joy about Jesus Christ. We want everyone to be able to learn how to follow the example that Jesus Christ left for us. He wants nothing but for us to become like him. Missionaries teach how through the atonement we can become like Christ and prepare to return to our Father in Heaven after this life. We teach from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ similar to the bible. Like the bible, the Book of Mormon tells about Christ and what we need to do to become like Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon and I now it is true. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Sarah Leigh
Yes. Husbands and wives can live together forever as long as they are married and sealed with the proper authority. In LDS temples, husband and wife can be sealed to one another for time and all eternity, meaning that after death they will be together still as husband and wife. I was sealed to my husband in the temple and he is sealed to his parents just as I am sealed to mine. This ability to be sealed as families is a big deal. That means that not only can we live together as spoused forever, but our kids will be ours forever too. This especially gives my husband and I peace knowing that we will be able to see and be with his mom again someday. She died before I had a chance to meet her, but I know that I will meet her after this life with my husband by my side. What a joy that day will be. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Sarah Leigh
Faith is hope for things which aren't seen, but which are true. Faith brings joy and purpose to life. My faith is in God. To have faith in God means that we trust that he is and that he love us. We learn to trust him and follow his commandments. Faith isn't something that we can just have. It is something that you have to work for. Not only do you have to work to get it in the first place, but once we have faith, we must work to grow it or it will whither away and die. It is like a plant that way. We can't take a seed and without any work, have it grow. We must plant it and once it is planted we must nurture it. Our faith will lead to blessings in our lives, like peace and joy. Show more Show less