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Hi I'm Debi Reeves

I am a "Play" at home mother of 3 beauties. Hey, anyone can 'Stay' at home right? I want to play too! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My life is beautiful. I am ridiculously happy. I get asked all the time why "I am so happy and smiling all the time"? I believe its because I know why I am doing all that I do. Knowing 'why' makes all the difference in the world in which I exist. If I am doing something as basic as folding laundry, the 'reason' I am doing it is because I believe in supporting my husband and children and giving them a 'launching pad' for greatness. Clean clothes have a place in that purpose. Knowing 'why' allows me to prioritize my children instead of a career right now. I am positive that being available to them in every way will change who they become. THAT is why I do everything I do, and 'give up' everything I give up. I guess, I don't see it as 'giving up' what I want because what I want is to be happy and peaceful. I have found no easier way to achieve that than by following the direction of Jesus Christ in creating my life with my family. Its not a guarantee, but I am living proof that if you do and are what is right and good, you will experience a joy and happiness that otherwise would seem remote and unattainable. I am smiling all the time because I am one of the people on the planet who knows 'the way home'.

Why I am a Mormon

Each Sunday when we return from a 3 hour block at our local church, I have the same feeling. The only way to describe it is 'pure joy and contentment'. It is my favorite day of the week and also my favorite moment. Each family member gathers in the kitchen and we giggle and play and discuss our lessons or remark on the talks. I love the energy everyone brings after being 'filled' by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love family home evening on Monday nights. Our evening starts with a funny 'ritual' we say to our dog Sam, "SAaaaam do you know what time it is?????" Then we all start howling like dogs, Owwwwooooooo Owwwooo and he joins in throws his little head back and officially starts our evening together. I love having these 'touchpoints' of the gospel in our family life together. We have faith that as we follow the counsel of prophets and apostles we can unite our family and lead them back home to their Heavenly Father. I did not always have the direction and light that the gospel of Jesus Christ offers. Because I did not always have it, I know the difference. I can see the light and joy and happiness that comes from being obediant. Each day I truy strive to guide and teach and love my family. Every now and then, I get the 'returns' of all the love invested and offered. I am beginning to see what gorgeous and satisfying products living the teachings of Christ manifest in my life. I am eager to be available for whatever role He has for me in this life to help and serve and guide my family back to Him.

How I live my faith

Our community is promoting a "Day of Service" this Saturday. My husband and I along with our children are going to paint an elementary school. I enjoy the sweet feelings of offering service. I love to watch my children take away a sense of self worth from helping others. My husband and I are involved in the Boy Scouts in our ward. We volunteer our time to help young boys achieve their goals within this program. Our own boys are 15 and 12 and have loved following this program. I am grateful for all of the leaders that have helped them over the years. I figure its our turn to put back in what we have 'taken' out over the years. What goes around comes around.

What is being a Mormon like?

Debi Reeves
Being Mormon is like being an apple in a bowl of bananas. We are stil 'fruity' but maybe a little less easy to squish. The gospel gives you a resilence to hardship. Its not like there isn't any believe me. It is just that your ability to process it is different. When someone passes away. We truly believe we know where they have gone. That makes is easier. When someone is ill, we have a person with the priesthood of God, bless them and we excercise faith on their behalf to help them be well. If it is God's will, this step helps heal. When we struggle with financial stress or frustration, we have a wefare system in place in case of an emergency. When we have a problem at home we can counsel with our Bishop who leads our ward and glean advice and guidance that will help us reach peace again. When we are feeling lonely or left out, we can reach out to members of the ward we attend in our community to find fellowship and friendship. There are many times it may not be 'popular' to be the apple in the banana bin, but it is always, always worth it. Apples are delicious :) Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Debi Reeves
Mormons are like everybody else. We get frustrated in traffic. We hate waiting in line. We find ourselves desperate for patience with our parenting. We have to get the oil changed, the bills paid, the carpool driven and the everyday chaos managed. The difference with Mormons is that we know for sure that all that stuff MATTERS. How we talk to our children matters, how we react when frustrated matters, if we manage our homes properly matters. It matters, because we are striving to be more like our Heavenly Father and in doing that we are paying attention to our life's work with an eternal perspective. Either nothing matters or everything does. To us, it does. That is why we keep trying to be better everyday even when we may not feel like it. Persona prayer and scripture study are a guide and foundation for members of this church. We always have an 'owners manual' to send us in the right direction. Show more Show less