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Hi I'm Lindsay

I'm a pianist, composer, and a writer. I love my huge family and am a missionary in the Dominican Republic. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Hermana Dalton! I'm currently serving my mission in the Dominican Republic. I never thought that I would serve a mission, if I'm honest, and in fact, the decision to serve came very suddenly. However, even though having rock solid faith is more difficult sometimes than other, I make it a personal policy to always obey whatever commandments I receive from God, so when I felt that I needed to serve a mission, I didn't hesitate and completed my papers within a week. I love being on a mission. Granted, I've only been here for one month, but I love it so much. The people are amazing, the spirit is delicious, and I've learned more and felt the spirit stronger here than in any other time of my life. More about me other than this? Well, I love writing, I love music, I'm a commercial music major at Brigham Young University, and my family is beautiful and so important to me. The gospel is at the center of my life and I hope and pray that I can always remember its importance and never take it for granted.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know it's true. Because living the teachings of the gospel brings me such inexplicable happiness. Because I have received an undeniable witness from the Holy Spirit that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that he did indeed see God the Father and the Eternal Son. That spiritual witness is what carries me through these weeks on the mission, and whenever people try to shake me in the faith and I feel a little beat down, I always go back to that specific experience where I felt the Spirit testify that truth, and I know that no matter what anyone may believe, this church IS true. So obviously, if this church is true, I'm going to follow its beautiful, delicious teachings. If I want to be able to live with my Heavenly Father again, if I want to live with my family forever, then I need to work for it. I know that's not possible without Christ and his atonement, but you can't use that atonement unless you make the effort, and unless you earnestly try to improve yourself. As you try to improve yourself and daily seek to be purified through the atonement, your capacity to grow and do good will grow, and in turn you will be perfected in Christ. My favorite scripture reads, "Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him." THAT is why I'm Mormon. Because that sentence brings peace and love to my soul every time I read it. Perfection is impossible, but through Christ, nothing is impossible. We can become better than we could've ever thought through him, and to be able to be that way, and to always feel his love. The big perspective is within this restored gospel. The fulness of the gospel is here, and I know it. I know it, I know it, and I just cannot say how blessed I am to have been born into a family that had this from the beginning. And this reason of feeling so blessed is why I'm taking 18 months of my life and dedicating it to the Lord: because I know this church is true. And that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Well, I'm currently on a mission so I suppose that obeying God's commandments and devoting my life to him is one of the biggies :P Additionally, I follow the "don'ts" of the church: don't dress immodestly, don't partake of unrighteous activities, don't drink, so on and so forth. But far more important to me than that is what we're supposed to do. Every single day, I try to remember to pray to Heavenly Father to help me grow, just a little, to become more and more like my Savior every day. By learning to love people more, by being understanding, non-judgmental, service-oriented, selfless, and by not complaining. Before my mission, I wasn't a bad kid at all, but I definitely focused inward so much more than I should have. Every time I start thinking "Wo is me" I always think of Jesus Christ, and the perfect attitude he always had. He suffered for every single one of our pains, and if he never complained, than I can handle when I'm getting soaked in the Dominican Republic rain and when lightning is flashing right next to me and I'm fairly certain I'm going to get struck by lightning and die. Basically, I just focus every day on putting off the natural man and always trying to have an eternal perspective. I don't need to worry about myself. Just worry about others. That's the way Christ lived, and that's how I want to live. It's so much more than just a set of rules to do and what not to do; it's a change of heart, and a change of spirit. We need to come unto Christ and be perfected in him, and that can't be accomplished by checking off steps. It's done little by little, every day, as we consistently pray to have Christ's image in our countenance and make choices every day, to put off the natural man, to think about others before ourselves, and to be the best we can be, which is only possible through utilizing the Atonement of Christ.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

If you want to get technical, most of the Book of Mormon was written by a prophet-historian named Mormon. He lived about 300 years after the coming of Christ. All of the kings, prophets, and people living in the Nephite cities before him, since 600 BC, had kept records of all the goings-on during their days. The main record was called the large plates of Nephi, which contained more of a historical record of everything that happened, and was passed from kings to prophets, to their children, and so-on. Mormon apparently had access to those plates, and probably other records as well, and from that he wrote a small abridgment which we know today as the Book of Mormon. However, he didn't write everything in the Book of Mormon. Inserted at the beginning of the Book of Mormon are the small plates of Nephi, which were written mostly by Nephi, and later his brother, and a few more descendants. That record was later inserted, by Mormon, into his abridgment, and after Mormon died, his son Moroni took the records and added a few more words of his own. That is the more scholarly, technical answer as to who wrote the Book of Mormon. Hope it made sense! Show more Show less