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Hi I'm Rachel

I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a friend. I am a reader. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently my life is wrapped up in being a Mom. I have four kids all under the age of six (my oldest has a birthday coming up so then that will change!). They are busy and active and so I have no choice but to be busy and active as well! In between laundry, dishes and homework, I try to fit in as much time for my husband as I can. Together we enjoy tackling house projects, exploring the city we live in, playing with our children, cooking and reading. I confess books are a real weakness for me. I buy way to many (I take that back, can you ever have way to many books?). I have bought so many that my husband plans to build me bookshelves for Christmas! I just love getting lost in a good book! Some of my favorites include Jane Eyre, These is My Words and Anne of Green Gables. I also enjoy blogging and trying to record as much of our lives as possible. It seems like we were just married (and really it's been years). It is all flying by so quickly- so I make an attempt to capture it- despite my greatest attempts it seems that my kids get bigger each day. Our days are full and wonderful. I credit the joy we experience in our lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the real reason we treasure our children and family and why we find so much happiness in the little things.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my whole life. As a young child I was active because my parents were. I was comfortable going, I had friends at church and I didn't know any different. When I was older those were not good enough reasons for me to attend church and so as a youth I had to decide why I was going and if I was going to keep going. I started studying and when I would read the Book of Mormon, it felt true to me. When I would hear the Prophet speak, it felt true. When I would listen to the testimonies of family and friends, it felt true to me. When I prayed and asked if Heavenly Father knew me, I felt the truth of that. When I asked if I was on the right path, I felt the truth of that. I realized that even though I had not known it as a child I had a testimony. It was not built on one profound moment like some people it was built little by little my whole life. One experience after another. It was built on each moment that I found peace. I stopped and looked back and realized the good things in my life came from Jesus Christ and his gospel. I realized that my moments of truth were found there. Once I learned how to look for those moments I began to see numerous blessings that had come from the gospel. It has been years since those early discoveries- since then I have continued to feel the truth of the gospel and the blessings that come from it. When I married my husband I felt God's love, when my children were placed in my arms I felt that same love. When I have prayed over where to move and how to help my children grow up right I have felt my Savior near me. All of these moments testify to me that being a Mormon is the right thing for me. Now that I know this I can not deny it. I want to live my life in a way that shows Jesus Christ I am thankful for his help in my life. For me there is not other option but to be a Mormon!

How I live my faith

There is a song that we often sing at church. Some of the words are "Because I have been given much I to must give". I feel that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift in my life. I try to live my faith by giving of what I have been given. I try to teach and spread the love of the gospel to my children. I try to teach them to follow his commandments. The best way for me to teach them is by living the commandments myself. I try very hard to live a life that represents what I believe. I not only try to spread the gospel to my children but to others. My husband I help at church. Currently we help with the missionary efforts but at other times in our lives we have been asked to help with the children's classes, or the youth classes. We love serving others and truly believe that helping those in need is what the Savior wants us to do. He wants us to help those of our faith and those that are not. We try to be active in our community as well as our church. When we are serving we know that we are not only saying we believe in Christ but we are literally following his example. When he was on the earth he was always helping other and has asked us to do this too. We study scriptures, messages from our leaders and we pray in our home. As we study we learn more about what Christ wants us to do. Most of the things we read come back to Love. Jesus wants us to love one another. He wants us to love by spreading his word, serving others, forgiving others, giving of what we have, smiling, reaching out to those in need, finding time to love our families and loving ourselves. There is no one way that I live my faith. I live it by trying to Love others the way Jesus wants me to. It is manifest in lots of different ways but basically I live my faith by loving Jesus and loving others!